Monday, May 17, 2010

Ye Olde Book Shop. . .

Well, I missed my post by 2 minutes.
So, I won't get 31 posts in this month!

But then some of them weren't even read.

Here is my update on the Book Store.
I got a couple of books stitched.
They all have the gold in them
where the titles go.

I will do them last as soon as I
locate my gold of which I have many.
I never can remember where I put it.
It's like a block I can't remember ~ thus a
Block! Duh!

It's coming along and I didn't feel like
stitching today.
I didn't feel good when
I woke up but I did use the new vacuum
today anyway.

Quite nice actually!

A little
noisy but oh well at least it sucks!

I ate lunch and then took a nap.

Thanks for dropping by and seeing those few
I think I should pile them up in one
window just like books are in ones

God Bless your stitching fingers ~


  1. Lovely progress! Is that gold floss or gold metallic that you will be using?

  2. Don't believe everything you think you know! I was reading your posts thru my blog reader. I just don't comment on all of them! In fact, I read all of your posts...and all of the others in my blog list.

    Too bad you missed a deadline! But great job so far posting every day...that's really hard to do!