Thursday, May 27, 2010

Two Ladybugs . . .

While brushing my teeth this morning I saw
something orange red on the branch of
the lavender tree in the front yard.

I turned to look and it was
two lady bugs mating.

As soon as I finished brushing
my teeth I was going to go take a snap
of them.

But . . . alas they were both gone
when I looked up.

And I thought men were quick!!!

I love ladybugs, they are a pretty
reminder that God is out there watching
over us everyday.

I often see many ladybugs usually sitting
on different leaves just soaking
up the sun.

They are a favorite bug
to watch.

At night we have the lightening bugs flying
around looking for a mate.
I am from
El Paso, Texas and we didn't have
lightening bugs there.

The very first time I ever saw a lightening bug
was in Freeburg, Ill. when we went to
visit my Dad's parents.

My twin brother and little sister and I
caught them and put them in a jar until

When we got up it was just a jar full
of grub worms,
to my horror!

My two older brothers had substituted
the lightening bugs with grub worms.

It took me forever to figure out what they
had done.
I was talking it over with my sister,
that shared memory,
and she told me.

My brothers ~ what a couple of pips!

I never knew what they were going
to pull on me next.

I was the oldest sister and I was so
easy to fool and they did, often.

I worked on the 4th of July exchange so no
pictures and besides I fell asleep in my chair.

I just have a crick in my neck to show for it.

Take care all my dear friends.
Remember God loves you and if you don't think so
just look for a ladybug!

Happy stitching all!


  1. We have lots of ladybugs. In November they hybernate in our storage buildings. Stinky when they get scared but they really are little helpers in the garden.

  2. I don't find a lot of ladybugs here in central Fla, but we do have those nasty lovebugs! The male and female are permanently attached. They are like boxelders in Michigan or for a more common bug that swarms: MOSQUITOS! Although, I don't believe they sting.

  3. I love ladybugs and fireflies. I used to catch fireflies in jars when I was younger also.

    We have loads of those lovebugs in the panhandle of Florida. There are millions of them and they're always attached to each other. Though last year I did see one all by itself, poor bug must have been lonely. I do occasionally see ladybugs here, but not that often.

    My brothers would tease me a lot when we were younger. It did give me lots of funny stories to tell though. LOL

  4. Oh, what a joy it was to see a ladybug when I was a little girl, too! :] Also, you've made me remember the first time my uncle showed me a firefly and what an astounding thing it was. I was 6 yrs. old and had just been left at my grandmother's and uncle's house in NC. What a comfort they were to a frightened child. Thanks!