Friday, August 27, 2010

One Lovely Blog Award . . .

Isn't it gorgeous?

I am so touched by this award.

Thank you so much Chrizette
it was so thoughtful of you to give me this!!!

God Bless your stitching fingers ~

Sunday, August 15, 2010

August 21st. Tristan's Wedding, Peacocks anyone? . . .

My youngest son, Tristan, is getting married next Sat.
He is marring ~ Morgan a woman he met
while he went to acting school
at George Washington University
in D. C.

I really like her, too.

So this is the sampler I am doing for them.

No, it won't be ready.
It is much more
involved than I thought.
I have made good progress on it
and I have stitched every night
but one since I started.

But alas, it won't be done.

This is the true fabric color.

I changed my threads to
Sullivan's threads. I like them
very much even though I
have read some bad reviews
about them.
They do not fray like
DMC's and they look nice when done.
I don't have to constantly cut off
the tail because it becomes
in tangled.

This is about one and a half weeks worth.

This is where I am now down in next picture.
It is about half done.

I still have to change the
alphabet in the middle
and stitch all the rest.

I will get it done in the next
two weeks.

The big problem is we are doing the
floors in my mothers house this
next week, finally.

I live with her and we have
had this planned for almost a year.

Something always happens and
we have to change our plans.
Now I am taking off this next week
to be here while it is done.

Last night I started moving
all that has to be moved and
will pack up what has to be packed.

So . . . no stitching much to my deep sadness.
I would actually rather stitch than do anything else.

I'm BAD!!!

Well, I hear those boxes calling me
I better get

This is where I am now. See my new scissors?
Aren't they cute?

Camp Town Girls are their names
and they are shaped like girls and
have hairdos and clothes on, too.

Peacocks anyone?

I stitched this little pattern for a
friend who has been a great moderator
on one of my group exchanges.
She recently was let go from
her job and needed some
cheering up.

So . . .

Enter the Peacock.

I used a 32 ct. fabric and Carrie's Creations
Lagoon Green and Ocean Blue variegated threads.

I used one thread of Ocean Blue for the
alphabet around the Peacock.

I used two strands of Ocean Blue for the
scallops around the letters.

I used one of each for the flowers in the inside
center and two of Lagoon Green for
the branches in the corners.

Then to finish it I used two strands
Of Lagoon Green to stitch the

She loved it and I am so thrilled. When I saw
the pattern I thought of her cause she loves

That is all . . .
Thanks for looking.

God Bless your stitching fingers.