Monday, October 26, 2009

Witches Stitch, Too!!! Prairie Moon Sampler ~

Got this sampler in the mail today with
all the threads and fabric.

The fabric is
a little too yellow for my taste so I
think I will change that before I
start stitching in earnest.
I already started the outline just to see
if it would show up on the fabric.

I joined the Prairie Moon Sampler and I have a link
on my blog if you are interested in joining.
It is Little House Needleworks' pattern
and should be a blast to stitch!
So . . . come along and join us.

I started this last night!!!

I got it at my LNS just before I left.

I have the witch done
except for her eye and mouth.

I did the moon and I used glow-in-the-dark

Too, cool!

I have half of the cat done.
I have half of the top left corner done.

I have half of her chair done.
I have all of the table and stitch
piece done.

Will I finish by Halloween?

I may get it stitched but it won't be framed.

It has been fun to stitch so far.
I changed the threads, of course,
used some silks, some over dyed and
I didn't use some of the colors they called for
because I didn't have them.
Thanks for looking!
God Bless ~

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

TUSAL . . .

Here I am again with my TUSAL!
On the left is the Sail Away sampler where I
got most of my threads this month.

I had to frog out the second part of the poem 6
different times before I finally
got it RIGHT!!!

I also have some red dragon threads in the jar.
It's a finish!

I also did some Halloween motifs. HOWL and one
I have had around since I first started
stitching in 1982. I had looked at it every
month for years and decided
this would be the year I finally
stitched it up.

Curly Q Ewe
was one I did some frogging on ~ the Ewe's head
came out three times before
I got the color right.

I did a name tag that reads ~ No magic until
I've had my coffee. It is on the bright
green fabric and the cat has on a witch hat.
It turned out so cute.
I also stitched three ornaments for
Breast Cancer Awareness.
One for my aunt,
my cousin, Jean Ann
who both
died from breast cancer.
Both because
they did not go back to the doctor
like they were supposed to.

The third was for my good friend Bob,
who did
survive breast cancer. I am sure glad he
did, too, he is a great friend.

I also have tags, from the tissue paper
that my goodies were wrapped
in that I got from The Silver Needle.
Old broken needles, threads from some
fabrics, silks, cottons, over dyes and sparkly
ones, too.

Oh, and that spooky glow-in-the-dark thread that I used
on some of the Halloween ones.

So that is all that I have done this month.
Thanks for coming by ~

Appreciate it so much.

God Bless ~

13 Days Of Halloween Give Away

This seem like a fun Halloween Give Away.
Click on the picture to the right to go to Missy's site
to enter her great Give Away.
13 Days!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Welsh Dragon, HOWL and Sail Away

This is the finished Welsh Dragon that I made
for Linda, the lady, Tris stayed with in
Washington D. C. for 11 months. He was
going to George Washington University
to get his Masters in Shakespearean acting.

She had such neat old prints and print plates from old books
on her walls from her travels over the years.

Her house was a quaint lovely brick with many
good smelling plants in the front yard.
She also had a pond in the front,
only one goldfish but then
who knew racoon's LOVE goldfish?

She was also Welsh so I looked up Welsh Dragon
on my son's laptop while I was still there
and discovered there was actually a
Welsh Dragon that could be stitched.
I also found the red fabric at Enchanted Lair
and ordered them both. Soon after I got home
they both came in the mail.
I got my thread from my LNS and got to stitchin'!!!
In no time I had it done.
I like the way the frame sets off the letters and the
red fabric sets off the dragon. I think it just fits.
Hope she likes it.
I am going to make her a handmade card as I
also do stamping when I am not stitching.
This is a bigger picture of HOWL. It was a quick
stitch I enjoyed doing. I finished it in two nights.
I still have the buttons to put on but hopefully
I can get it done for Halloween.
If not, there is always next year and I will be
ahead of the game.
Last but not least there is my Sail Away.
It is getting closer to the sea.
I changed some of the motif colors and did
my favorite alphabet.
I included a bigger picture of my little person.
I wanted you to be able to sea the detail. Her
white dress was hard to sea.
I also put on those sissy little pumps
that they used to wear back then.
My grandmother had a pair and I do remember them.

Despite the frogs I have really loved doing
this piece. It has been a hoot!

Some pieces you just love don't you?
This was one of those pieces.
I already know which frame I am going to use on it.
I now have the tree done with it's trunk.

All the windows are done and the door.

The clouds are done, the lighthouse is
almost done and the grass underneath it is done.

The sail boat is floating ~ awaiting the water.

Tomorrow I will work on the house, hill, sheep, water and
the white single special stitches.
I hope to have it finished by the first of next week.

As always, thanks for stopping by and looking.
I appreciate all your nice comments.

God Bless ~

Thursday, October 8, 2009

HOWL . . .

oeen is almost here and I have worked
on several
Halloween ones!
I finished this one last night. I just have to
get the buttons and put them on.

I spells out HOWL and is a Shepard's Bush pattern.
It is
stitched on a peach linen look I like so much with
GAST threads.

There are two stars, one bee, one bat, one spider, one leaf
two sets of eyes,
one for pumpkin and one for Frank to still put on.
Then there is a small pumpkin at the bottom
by the
big pumpkin.
I will look in my stash and see how many
I already have.

I guess that is all for tonight.
Thanks for looking
I appreciate it so much. It means the
world to me.

Take care and God Bless and BOO!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Breast Cancer Ribbons . . .

One of my best friends, Bob,
is a cancer survivor.

He had breast cancer and underwent
treatment and was cured.

My other best friend, Donna,
decided to stitch
enough ornaments to fill a
Christmas tree
and auction it off at
Thanksgiving by way of a raffle.

She has had a lot of help in this undertaking
and there are very many
beautiful ornaments up
for auction.

So l . . .
stitched some ornaments in
memory of some of my loved ones.

Bob is one of those people. He is now
81 years young and is very dear to me.
And thank God he survived ~ many don't.

My Aunt Maribel also had breast cancer
and she lived for some years cancer free
after her different forms of treatment.

Then she didn't return to the doctor
after she was cancer free
until it was too late.

The cancer came back and got into
her bones and before she died it
had spread all over her body.

She had many broken bones
because her marrow was so porous.
She even had her arm broken once from the blood
pressure cuff.

She was a Bible scholar and she knew anything
about the Bible you would care to ask her.

She has been greatly missed.
My cousin also had breast cancer. When she died
she was only 56.
She also did not go back for her check ups
after she was cancer free until it was
too late.
So to honor her I made this Breast Cancer Ribbon.

I plan to make them into ornaments. They will
be backed with a floral for my
Aunt and cousin
and a swirl, for Bob.
Then a ribbon will be added around
the piece. I will also put a little hanging ribbon.

I will post pictures when they are finished.
Tonight I found out that my x brother-in-law has
pancreatic cancer.

After the biopsy is studied they will know more.
What stage it is, if it has spread and what
kind of tumor he has in the pancreas.

He is very frightened so all your prayers
would be appreciated.

I will keep you posted on his progress. He is very
dear to me and I can't believe this is happening
to him. He is a funny guy. I have know him
for about 42 years.

If you are interested in participating in the raffle
just leave a comment and I will give you the info.

Thank you for visiting and leaving your comments.
Take care and God Bless ~