Monday, October 26, 2009

Witches Stitch, Too!!! Prairie Moon Sampler ~

Got this sampler in the mail today with
all the threads and fabric.

The fabric is
a little too yellow for my taste so I
think I will change that before I
start stitching in earnest.
I already started the outline just to see
if it would show up on the fabric.

I joined the Prairie Moon Sampler and I have a link
on my blog if you are interested in joining.
It is Little House Needleworks' pattern
and should be a blast to stitch!
So . . . come along and join us.

I started this last night!!!

I got it at my LNS just before I left.

I have the witch done
except for her eye and mouth.

I did the moon and I used glow-in-the-dark

Too, cool!

I have half of the cat done.
I have half of the top left corner done.

I have half of her chair done.
I have all of the table and stitch
piece done.

Will I finish by Halloween?

I may get it stitched but it won't be framed.

It has been fun to stitch so far.
I changed the threads, of course,
used some silks, some over dyed and
I didn't use some of the colors they called for
because I didn't have them.
Thanks for looking!
God Bless ~


  1. Those are two great projects! I can't wait to see your progress on Witches Stitches. That's a great Halloween design. And I'm rooting that you'll finish it by Halloween.

  2. Hi, Lenna! Love those two Halloweenie projects. If you don't finish this year..there's always next year! I have several projects like of these years they'll be finished and I'll love the process. Darling things you have. Thanks for visiting me on my blog and for sharing your story with me. I'll be back! Hugs, Deb/LavenderRose PS: No problem about the rose hike! :P

  3. I have both those leaflets! I can't believe you finished the witch already! WOW. I love that Prarie Moon piece--I'll have to check out the SAL.

  4. I love the Prairie Sampler, of course, and the Homespun is adorable as well; maybe I should add it to my wish list. Have a nice day.

  5. Oh, no I haven't finished the witch stitches too yet. I have it about 1/2 done and still working on it. Tonight I start the Prairie Moon Sampler. I already have the outline done. I had to see if it looked good on the fabric I changed to because I didn't like the one picked for it.
    Keep stitching and Bless your stitching fingers ~

  6. Hello Lenna.
    You will have lots of fun stitching "Witches stitch too". I have it right here hanging on my wall *smile*.
    To answer your question about the fabric on my "Traveler Stitcher", I buy all my fabrics over here in Germany.
    Have a nice weekend, Margit