Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kimono Pagoda View

This is the progress I have made tonight.

The bottom set of leaves, you see
it's a tree, was off by one stitch.

The dirty rotten FROG had payed
me a visit. I discovered it when
I was 15 rows into the leaf.

What took me hours to stitch
was pulled out in about 10 minutes!!!

Tonight I put it all back then proceeded
to put the mountain in wrong. I corrected
my mistake and have it back in now.
Thus the late hour!!!

Like I said in the first post ~
I would not ever stitch this for me.
Tonight proves it to me for sure!

Plus the kit was minus one skien
of floss and I have to order
it because it is Anchor.
Of course, I have already
needed that color which is
how I found out it was not

It's a good thing Lois of Nedlewerkes
is so close and so nice to send
me what I need so quickly!

I am planning to post my other
needleworks I have almost
finished, since I missed
posting them in the UFO/WIP ~
which was Monday. I will
have to catch them next

Thanks for stopping by my good,
faithful followers, I appreciate
it so much. Your kind words
help me keep doing this
pasttime I truely

  1. God Bless Your Stitching Fingers ~

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kimono Pagoda View

This is the project I am
working on at the moment.
It is a Japanese Pagoda and this
is the progress I made tonight.

It is not for me and I would
never do it because I have seen
many Geisha's that are so much
prettier and have stitched two
for other people and they
were gorgeous if I do
say so myself!

It has been an age since I have posted
anything, cause I have been working
on my cards, mostly, while
I am staying at home and
taking care of my mom.

I went to retreat in May and have
tried to get into stitching again.
After I got home I decided to work
on some of my UFO/WIP,
I got two finished and three are
almost done and that is progress
and that feels Great! 

To quote a Tiger!!!

I am so happy you stopped by and I 
will try and keep stitching
and making some 
progress along the way.

Thanks so much and God Bless 
     your stitching fingers!!!