Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Update on Knee ~ Hi

This is what she used to look like.

Now she is just a skinny version of this picture and
she has also lost some of her white whiskers.

The vet told me not to be surprised if I woke
up one morning and she was

Just kidding!

Things on this end are not going good at all.
She is still nauseated and throws up.
She got her eating tube but tonight it is not
working. Tomorrow I am going to the vet's
office and I am not leaving until he shows me why
it will not work when it used to.
I had no trouble over the week-end.
Last night she threw up all night long.
It seems that the feeding tube is too long.
I took her back today and he checked her out
and shortened the tube so it was not
so far in her stomach.
I was encouraged but now I can't get any
food down her. If I try to force it the water
or food just squirts out the back of the tube.
I am afraid to force it cause then she tries to run.

Is God trying to tell me something and I am just
too pig headed to listen?

Or is he trying to tell me to be patient?
My gut tells me pig headed!

So back I go to the vet to get something done
for poor little Knee ~ Hi. She was supposed
to have her next treatment for the cancer
but since she has not been able to eat or drink
I guess we will have to skip it this week.


Why is this happening?
Any comments from anyone that has been there?

I appreciate all your comments and thoughts and prayers.
Please keep them coming! You are all so dear to me
and I send God's love and blessings to you all.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Knee ~ Hi

Could Knee ~ Hi
have known what was in store
for her or did she just

Today the vet put in a feeding tube.
All of her pretty hair was shaved
off around her neck.
She sports a white bandage that
keeps the tube in place.

Tonight I fed her for the first time.
I used a feeding tube
for the very first time.
It works so
nicely and so far so good.

She did great, and has not even tried to throw up!


It will be so nice to go to sleep and know
she got fed today.
She even managed to pee.

Things are finally looking up.
The vet is
SURE that the tumor has shrunk that is in
her nose, too.

She did not have any chemo this week but come
Tuesday, if she is feeling OK. we will do that
That will be two weeks of killing
that evil tumor.

Your prayers are still needed for my furbaby.
I do thank you so much
for all your kind thoughts and heartfelt prayers.

Your thoughts have gotten me through
this week ~ except for the 23rd. and
Nothing could have helped me that day!!!

Knee ~ Hi sends you lots of cat licks
and sweet kisses.

Take care all and God Bless you
and keep you safe from harm.

Happy stitching!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Update : Knee ~Hi the cat

I am sitting here with Knee ~ Hi
as she repeatedly has the dry heaves.
Except they are not dry, rather she
throws up foam.

To say her chemo is not going well is an


I have taken her back to the vet twice in two
days and tomorrow is Sunday. Every time she
smells food she starts to throw up.

He did a complete blood count (CBC)
on her today and the numbers all looked
good except potassium (She won't eat) and her liver
was a little high. But considering the assault
to her system it is not unusual.

They had to give her Sub Q fluids twice and
she does better but this is worrisome.
I have not gotten much sleep as it is
because it is like having a very young sick
child in the house... again.

I hear every noise she makes and if I am asleep it
wakes me up.
But I can't really help her.

So please say a prayer for her that she gets
through this faze and is finally cured.
It's not too much to ask for one small
cat is it?
I am almost beside myself now
and don't know if I have done the right
It is always so easy to second guess
yourself when things aren't going right.
Why does this stuff always happen
on the week-end late at night?
The vet said I could call so I will in the morning
maybe I can give her something.

Do cats drink Ginger Ale?

It could be a solution!!!

Thanks for looking You all mean the world to me
and I appreciate your comments.
Take care and God Bless ~

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Prayers for Knee~Hi

Today I took Knee~Hi down to Copperas Cove to a Vet there
who operated on her beautiful ears.
Unfortunately, she has cancer.
Her other eye had
developed Horner's Syndrome this morning
and when the vet looked inside her ears one of
her ear drums was blown out and the other was
bulging from the inside.
Both were full of pus from the infection the tumor had caused.

He opened that ear drum, irrigated both ears and put
medicine inside her ears and sealed them with wax so the
medicine can heal the ear drums.
He also took samples and sent them off to A&M
to make sure it's cancer.
He is sure it is though.

No, she can not hear and she had not really
come back like we hoped so I need prayers for my sick cat.

We will start the chemo on Friday two shots once
every week for three weeks.
Then she gets two shots every
three weeks for three times.

She deserves to have some quality of life and the
Vet thinks this can happen cause cats respond to
treatment when they have lymphoma.
Not forever,
but sometimes for a couple of years.

Doesn't this sweet face deserve that?

So . . . your prayers will be much appreciated
and Knee~Hi sends you a lick.

Take care and God Bless ~