Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Prayers for Knee~Hi

Today I took Knee~Hi down to Copperas Cove to a Vet there
who operated on her beautiful ears.
Unfortunately, she has cancer.
Her other eye had
developed Horner's Syndrome this morning
and when the vet looked inside her ears one of
her ear drums was blown out and the other was
bulging from the inside.
Both were full of pus from the infection the tumor had caused.

He opened that ear drum, irrigated both ears and put
medicine inside her ears and sealed them with wax so the
medicine can heal the ear drums.
He also took samples and sent them off to A&M
to make sure it's cancer.
He is sure it is though.

No, she can not hear and she had not really
come back like we hoped so I need prayers for my sick cat.

We will start the chemo on Friday two shots once
every week for three weeks.
Then she gets two shots every
three weeks for three times.

She deserves to have some quality of life and the
Vet thinks this can happen cause cats respond to
treatment when they have lymphoma.
Not forever,
but sometimes for a couple of years.

Doesn't this sweet face deserve that?

So . . . your prayers will be much appreciated
and Knee~Hi sends you a lick.

Take care and God Bless ~


  1. Best wishes for your sweet kitty! I know how hard it is to have a sick fur baby.

  2. Will be keeping you both in my prayers-hug your sweet kitty for me!

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry. I'll keep her in prayers. She looks like such a sweetie.

  4. That just breaks my heart. I'm SO very sorry. Our dog, Henry, has cancer but there's nothing we can do, really....

  5. My prayers are with you, Knee-Hi! I know it is just awful being that sick...

  6. Lenna, My heart is breaking for Knee-Hi. Prayers for the both of you. I know she'll forgive you for "medicine treatment". This is so difficult for you. Shame on your boss!
    Kitty kisses to Knee-Hi

  7. So sorry to hear about your Knee-Hi - hope all works out her and you.

  8. My thoughts are with you and your beautiful kitty. She deserves everything that you can do for her and if there is treatment that helps that is fantastic. I have just lost my precious kitty to kidney failure and the extra few months that the medicine gave him where so special and have given me something to hold onto and remember.