Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree . . .

How brightly your candles
This is my new start and it is so much fun to do.
I started the tree and got bored so moved on to the Christmas tree.

Then came the candle and part of that pesky squirrel's tail!

I love Bent Creek patterns, sorta country and have stitched them for years.

I also am working on the other Bent Creek Branch. Someday soon I will have them both done.

Thanks for stopping by and God Bless!

May each and everyone have a wonderful,
safe, happy
and productive year in 2010!

Keep on stitching!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Exchange ~ Reindeer Games

This is the exchange I did for Faye R
and she got it today.

I have enjoyed doing this exchange
so much
and look forward to doing the next
This is an Ink Circles chart and you
get it as a kit. Fabric is included
and you can buy extra counts if
you would like.
Also included is 8 different
colors of silk, one for each reindeer.

I think it is the cutest ornament I
have ever seen and I have done
5 to date. I am going to make one
for each of my kids and finish it in this
red fabric with the red reindeers on it.
Won't it be cute?

Thanks for stopping by and looking!
God Bless ~

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Cute Cat and a start ~

This one my sister, Debbie stitched for a friend.
I have to put a star on top of the
Christmas tree and then
I can finish framing it.

The acid free board showed
underneath the fabric so
I put gold lame and now it sparkles.

It is from the JCS ornament book and it is done on
a red fabric from Crossed Wing Collection.
Her friend loves cat so she will love it.

I started Holy Night. I first did the A on
32ct. Lambswool but it was too hard
to see cause the skinny threads
that are in linen sometimes
are very skinny.

I changed to 28 ct. and had it stitched
in no time cause I could see it.

This is for the 2010 Christmas SAL
and we all hope to have a Christmas
piece done by next Christmas.

I am also going to begin the Nativity
cross stitch and get it done by Christmas.
I chose a dark fabric from Enchanted Lair
and I just hope it isn't too dark to see.
It should finally be here this week.
Fingers crossed!

That is all for now thanks for coming by.
Your comments are greatly appreciated
to help keep me motivated to keep
on stitching!

God Bless ~

Monday, December 7, 2009

Reindeer Games

came in the mail Saturday. YEA!!!

This by far is the cutest ornament
I have ever seen.
I have been waiting for this to get here
so I can begin stitching them!

The pattern is so easy to follow
and the threads are just

Thank you Tracy it is brilliant!!!

I now have three finished.

Tomorrow is the annual EGA
Christmas party and ornament exchange!

I am finishing my ornament tonight.

We all go out to dinner and then we get down
to business.

We choose / fight over the ornaments and
after one has been chosen three times
the person holding it gets to keep it.

This is the one I am taking.
It is backed
in the reindeer fabric.
It has white reindeer, black Christmas trees
and it is on a red background!

Rudolph has a red nose which is a seed bead.

When you find him you can find
the rest of the reindeer heads.

It is so cute and I love it.

I will put a red
ribbon around the outside
and it will have a red hanger.

I will post a final picture tomorrow.

I am looking forward to the dinner and fellowship with my stitching
friends so . . .

Let the games begin . . .

Thanks for coming by and looking I appreciate it so much!
God Bless ~

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Nativity or Holy Night???

which one should I choose?

I have joined the Christmas SAL that Yoyo
is doing and these are my two choices.

My little sister did this one
and although it looks like a
photo it is stitched.

She did it on a purple Joblean 28ct.
which when I stretched it
I could not figure out how
she did it.
The holes are almost
It has blending filament in the
scarf, baby blanket, halos and
angel wings.
Stunning ~ yes?
She worked on it for a year and it
is, to say the least,
breath taking ~
with a capitol B!!!

I framed it with a dark green suede
mat and put it in a frame
that matched Joseph's rusty brown throw.
It is truly gorgeous!

I have wanted to do it since I saw it finished.
I have the threads which I matched to DMC's
and I ordered the fabric from Enchanted Laird.
However, I don't know when they will get it here.
She just got back into the shop today.

I also have this pattern which I may do also.
It is a Sheperd's Bush and it takes
CC and DMC threads.
I will get the button package when
I am close to having it done.
I have all the supplies so I will start on this one first
until my fabric gets here.
Sorry the pictures are fuzzy it was not
easy to get this one.

Thanks for looking and Happy December to us all.
God Bless ~