Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Nativity or Holy Night???

which one should I choose?

I have joined the Christmas SAL that Yoyo
is doing and these are my two choices.

My little sister did this one
and although it looks like a
photo it is stitched.

She did it on a purple Joblean 28ct.
which when I stretched it
I could not figure out how
she did it.
The holes are almost
It has blending filament in the
scarf, baby blanket, halos and
angel wings.
Stunning ~ yes?
She worked on it for a year and it
is, to say the least,
breath taking ~
with a capitol B!!!

I framed it with a dark green suede
mat and put it in a frame
that matched Joseph's rusty brown throw.
It is truly gorgeous!

I have wanted to do it since I saw it finished.
I have the threads which I matched to DMC's
and I ordered the fabric from Enchanted Laird.
However, I don't know when they will get it here.
She just got back into the shop today.

I also have this pattern which I may do also.
It is a Sheperd's Bush and it takes
CC and DMC threads.
I will get the button package when
I am close to having it done.
I have all the supplies so I will start on this one first
until my fabric gets here.
Sorry the pictures are fuzzy it was not
easy to get this one.

Thanks for looking and Happy December to us all.
God Bless ~


  1. Why not do both? Start the SB piece and then when your fabric and supplies come in for the other (which is truly gorgeous, btw), start on that one. The SB pieces always go relatively quick and you'll probably have quite a bit done by the supplies come in.

  2. I agree with Deb. Both are so beautiful. I'd have a hard time choosing too, lol.

  3. Oh, wow. They're so different... As amazing as the first one is, I really like the SB. So go with the advise above - do both!

  4. Both are wonderful! Have fun stitching them both :o)

    Don't worry about using the same colors I'm using! I'm quite honored that you like them enough to want to use them too :o)

  5. Wow, that Nativity is gorgeous!! In your comment on my blog to join the Christmas SAL you said you would post a picture if I told you how....ahhhhh, hmmmmm, seems you know how. I think you must have thought you were supposed to post a picture on my blog. However.... since we aren't (I think) going to be all that many people, I didn't (and really don't want to) start a separate blog where everybody is an author and posts their own pictures. You just have to either let me swipe your picture from here or send me one in e-mail (yoyo_9203 at yahoo dot com). Let me know soon, I'm posting the first member list tomorrow. Hugs.