Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sail Away . . .

is done ~ drum roll, please!!!

I had it all finished and just needed
to add my charms!
Luckily, I kept track of them
throughout this long process!!!

Sorry for the blurry picture.
When I get it framed up in a few weeks,
we are sorta busy at HL
right now with Christmas,
I can get a better, clearer photo!
Say a prayer!

I used the silks that were sent with the kit.
I did use a couple of silks I already
had for some of the motifs.
I didn't have room for the band lines
cause I changed the alphabet and it
took up extra space so I had
to make adjustments.

I also put an "L" in the center of the motif
for my first name that will never change.
I also signed my first name and
put the date under
the little lady.

I used blending filament, yellow,
for the sun
and used glow-in-the-dark
for the top middle window, upstairs,
which represents the candle burning
for the
safe return of her loved one.

It was so much fun to stitch
and a part of me will miss
the experience, just a small part!!!

Not, those frogs, however!!!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by and
looking ~ I appreciate you all so much.

Take care and God Bless your stitching fingers!


  1. A beautiful finish, Lenna. Congratulations!

  2. What a beautiful piece of art! Nice job!!

  3. That is a very lovely piece Lenna. Congratulations on a beautiful finish.

  4. Hey put a comment about the Christmas SAL on my blog...good for you, happy to have you.

    And I love it that you are a MAC too. You can either post your picture here and let me steal it (sorry about the word but it is the right word) or just e-mail it to me: yoyo_9203 at yahoo dot com.

    I want to gather all, or most, of the pictures and make one post with our "Goal" so we can refer to it throughout the year and see how we're doing.

    Are you going to start in December? I haven't found a fabric yet so I may be a late starter myself.


  5. Congrats Leena! Love this design and your changes really add a special touch :o)

    Thank you for leaving such wonderful comments on my Blog! I appreciate you stopping by :o)