Friday, November 13, 2009

Garden . . .

When my mom was a mere girl of 12
she was coached by her oldest sister
to do this stamped cross stitch.
My aunt was a hard task master
and made her take it out
if it was wrong.
It was wrong ~ she was only 12 and this
was her first attempt at cross stitching.
Sadly it was also her last.

When we moved to Waco I unearthed this
lovely piece in a frame.
I took it to work and removed it from that
It was old then and I stretched it.

As you can see it is crooked but I was afraid to
pull it too tight.
I was afraid it would tear.

As you can see the frame has a light
place at the bottom.
I must fix that!
I digress, so I cut the mat and framed it.

I think it is gorgeous,
not because my Mom did it,
but because she stuck with it and
made it perfect.
Well, it was also cause she did it.

It is one of my favorite

The very best part is that today
is her birthday!!!
Today she is 93, and though she doesn't stitch
she made my sister, Debbie, and I
some beautiful dresses as
we were growing up.
I cherish the memories of
wearing those dresses as a child
and still remember
what they looked like.

She also taught me to sew when I was just
and I have sewn for years.

My daughter, Heather,
wore some of the cutest clothes around.
My dolls
had some pretty cool things too.

So what started out as a hard stamped cross stitch
by a strict task master
turned into
some awesome clothes. It also taught me
the great
love for what you can paint with a needle and thread.

Thank you Mom!

Happy Birthday ~

I love you very much
and I hope you have many more to come.

God Bless you for coming by and looking.


  1. What a treasure to keep! Awesome memories...

  2. Lenna Your Mums Sampler is beautiful, I can quite see why you treasure it.
    I hope your Mum had a great day.... Wow 93 thats brilliant.