Friday, July 8, 2011

This is Olga, the cat.

As you can plainly see she is a
Halloween stitchery!!!

I have all of the alphabet done.
There are some little Quaker Motif's
mixed in with the Alphabet to do.

She has been one of the MIA ~ UFO's.
I know now when she got lost in that tote.
It was when we got ready to finally
do the floors.
After waiting for almost a year.

I made two file size totes for my UFO's.
I put them in the garage.

Had the floors done and in the meantime
I forgot all about them.

It happens ~ when you start getting old ~

I only have a small part left to do
on her so I best get busy!!!


This is the other MIA ~ UFO I was talking about in last blog!!!

If anyone had bet which of the 12 totes,
in my room, this would have been in
you would have been ~ SOL!!!

I spent two hours looking through
the totes,
looking at all my projects
left to do.
I am going to have to live
to be two hundred to get them all done.

My mom would say three, but what does she
know from stitching!!!?

So this very minute I am going to
go get busy on one of them!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jenny Bean Halloween . . . and Frappes

This is Jenny Bean Halloween I started some time ago.

Today I went and visited a site of
Siobhan's Stitches!
Notes From Blue Hen Hallow is
the name of her blog.

Check it out!!!

Oh, my Heavens what a blog it was My oh My!
She has done so many samplers and
The Shores of Hawks Run Hallow, too.
I am working on that one, too
I don't even have the first
block done yet!!!

She also had this one done
which I also have started.

So, I am going to look for it tonight
and if I feel like it tomorrow night, after
freight day, I am going to stitch
on it some more.

Mind you, I know it is in my room in a tote
but which of the 12 totes do you think
it is in?
I should have a contest
to see if someone
could guess.

You would lose I fear!!!

OK, I am addicted to the Caramel Frappe'
from McDonald's.

It's a fact!!!

I try to limit myself to three a week.

I am losing weight and who needs this?

Certainly, not me.
Besides the coffee probably
isn't good for my heart!!!

I have lost 16 pounds to date
and I now weigh 156. YEA!!! Happy
dance all over the house.

I can actually get into
my size 14 jeans
and they are already
a little big.

My goal is 143 but I don't
know if I can stop there.

I just don't have any
so it makes it very easy not
to eat.

I used to love food but
I think I loved it too much.

The most amazing thing is
now I have seen
two good looking guys
checking me out when
I walk by them,
out of the corner of my eye.

It just amazes me!!!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a
comment ~ if possible.
It does make
you want to keep doing this craft.
Say a prayer I find Jenny Bean.

Oh, Jenny Bean where are you?

God bless all those stitching fingers ~
and especially Siobhan's they must
smoke when she goes to bed.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Halloween. . . The Branch

Here is my update on When the Owl and
Witch together are Seen,

etc. . . etc. . . etc
Done on 32 count Herotic linen fabric
with over dyed threads.

It actually is coming along nicely
considering the day I had at work
today. It was typical Monday
after a vacation.

I am glad I was not at work last
week because they had a week
of He ~ ~ double toothpicks!!!

I did something very stupid during
my vacation and it made the whole
week horrible.
Today was really no better.

So when I got home tonight I
really needed to do some stitching.
It always calms me down and I
can get through the evening.

I also watched Yankee Doodle Dandy
on TCM tonight, I just love that
movie staring James Cagney.
It was a flag waver, perfect
for 4th of July.
I enjoyed it very much.
James does
a spectacular job of singing, dancing
and acting.
I have always liked him
So what better piece to stitch on than
my Halloween one so here it is . . . ENJOY!!!

Thanks for stopping by, hope you have your
tea or a cup of Joe.

Take care all and remember to Thank God
for your freedom.

God Bless your stitching fingers . . .

Sunday, July 3, 2011

July Angel . . .

Happy Independence Day!!!

This is the Angel I did in 2000 for the 4th of July!

Isn't she the cutest little one?
I had to get my magnifying glass out to see
what date I stitched her.

I always put my name and date, in
thread, the same color as the background
fabric and it makes it very Hard to see,
much less read!!!

I had red hair at the time so I actually
coached down some other
threads that were not for stitching,
I had acquired from a friend for her hair!!!

She was such a HOOT to stitch. I had so
much fun doing her. The little buttons
for the basket, bee, bird and
came with the pattern
and it just makes it come together perfectly.

I used the threads that were called
for and put them down on my favorite
fabric in a 28 count.

They don't make
the fabric anymore so I bought 2 yards
from Hobby Lobby
before it was all gone.

It's a good thing cause I can't, for the life
of me, remember the name of the fabric.

If I had known I would live this long I would
have bought another 3 yards.

I have done several angels in the past, a Christmas
One, Noah's Ark, an Autumn One and a Halloween One.
The Halloween One is ~ Willa's Broomstick Co.
Made with a Zing!!!
I will have to take a picture, cause I had
forgotten how darlin' she is!!!

That will be my next post tomorrow
night. I am on vacation this week
so I have nothing but time.

I have the patterns for about a gazillion more so
maybe someday I will work on them again.

So many stitching's and so little time.

It's hard when you don't have the time and you work.
Time flies so fast. One day it is Monday and
the next day it is Friday.
I also make cards and I am working on my son's
get well cards and a special person
who missed a lot of holidays.

Guess I had better close for now. I will leave you with this
thought ~

How sad would it be if our Fore
Fathers had not fought so hard for the privileges
we have as Americans to be FREE???

How sad would it be if the next generations
had not cared that we were free
and kept
that privilege of Freedom for us to enjoy???

How sad if all those sacrifices would have been
in vain???

Let's not forget this year and
every year from now on just how
very Precious
that Privilege is to us all!!!

And how many made it possible for us
to enjoy!!!

God Bless America
It Is the Best Place To Be on This Earth!!!

Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the comments
if you could leave one.

God Bless your stitching fingers . . .
Take care ~

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Halloween. . . The Branch

I know, I know don't yell at me!!!

This is called ~ Halloween ~

The Branch by Bent Creek,

It is the newest piece
they have put out
and being
Halloween I had to have it.

But, in my own defense
I had the fabric,
most of the threads,
so I only had to buy three patterns.

I decided to use Heroic for the fabric
by Picture This Plus!!! ~ again.

I told you I had a big piece left over!!!

I think The Branch
with the tree house, owl, birds,
webs, spiders and little house
will look smashing on this
piece of fabric.

It has all the colors of Halloween
and it will go
with all my other ones
I have started!!!

Thanks for stopping by and God Bless
your stitching fingers . . .