Monday, July 4, 2011

Halloween. . . The Branch

Here is my update on When the Owl and
Witch together are Seen,

etc. . . etc. . . etc
Done on 32 count Herotic linen fabric
with over dyed threads.

It actually is coming along nicely
considering the day I had at work
today. It was typical Monday
after a vacation.

I am glad I was not at work last
week because they had a week
of He ~ ~ double toothpicks!!!

I did something very stupid during
my vacation and it made the whole
week horrible.
Today was really no better.

So when I got home tonight I
really needed to do some stitching.
It always calms me down and I
can get through the evening.

I also watched Yankee Doodle Dandy
on TCM tonight, I just love that
movie staring James Cagney.
It was a flag waver, perfect
for 4th of July.
I enjoyed it very much.
James does
a spectacular job of singing, dancing
and acting.
I have always liked him
So what better piece to stitch on than
my Halloween one so here it is . . . ENJOY!!!

Thanks for stopping by, hope you have your
tea or a cup of Joe.

Take care all and remember to Thank God
for your freedom.

God Bless your stitching fingers . . .


  1. Beautiful piece. Love those colors.

  2. is really coming along so know i love it so much.i love the material too..i wonder on which material i will do mine..oh dear!i love stitching so life is incomplete without needle and threads..keep well dear and have a lovely stitchy time xx