Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jenny Bean Halloween . . . and Frappes

This is Jenny Bean Halloween I started some time ago.

Today I went and visited a site of
Siobhan's Stitches!
Notes From Blue Hen Hallow is
the name of her blog.

Check it out!!!

Oh, my Heavens what a blog it was My oh My!
She has done so many samplers and
The Shores of Hawks Run Hallow, too.
I am working on that one, too
I don't even have the first
block done yet!!!

She also had this one done
which I also have started.

So, I am going to look for it tonight
and if I feel like it tomorrow night, after
freight day, I am going to stitch
on it some more.

Mind you, I know it is in my room in a tote
but which of the 12 totes do you think
it is in?
I should have a contest
to see if someone
could guess.

You would lose I fear!!!

OK, I am addicted to the Caramel Frappe'
from McDonald's.

It's a fact!!!

I try to limit myself to three a week.

I am losing weight and who needs this?

Certainly, not me.
Besides the coffee probably
isn't good for my heart!!!

I have lost 16 pounds to date
and I now weigh 156. YEA!!! Happy
dance all over the house.

I can actually get into
my size 14 jeans
and they are already
a little big.

My goal is 143 but I don't
know if I can stop there.

I just don't have any
so it makes it very easy not
to eat.

I used to love food but
I think I loved it too much.

The most amazing thing is
now I have seen
two good looking guys
checking me out when
I walk by them,
out of the corner of my eye.

It just amazes me!!!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a
comment ~ if possible.
It does make
you want to keep doing this craft.
Say a prayer I find Jenny Bean.

Oh, Jenny Bean where are you?

God bless all those stitching fingers ~
and especially Siobhan's they must
smoke when she goes to bed.

1 comment:

  1. hello dear, i think this piece is really so stunning like all your other stitching is really amazing.i will go and have a look at her blog.i am very curious now..
    me too..i love macdonald caramel am a sweet tooth too..
    but lots of best wishes for losing weight..i am so happy for you..
    keep well and happy stitching xx