Friday, July 8, 2011

This is Olga, the cat.

As you can plainly see she is a
Halloween stitchery!!!

I have all of the alphabet done.
There are some little Quaker Motif's
mixed in with the Alphabet to do.

She has been one of the MIA ~ UFO's.
I know now when she got lost in that tote.
It was when we got ready to finally
do the floors.
After waiting for almost a year.

I made two file size totes for my UFO's.
I put them in the garage.

Had the floors done and in the meantime
I forgot all about them.

It happens ~ when you start getting old ~

I only have a small part left to do
on her so I best get busy!!!


This is the other MIA ~ UFO I was talking about in last blog!!!

If anyone had bet which of the 12 totes,
in my room, this would have been in
you would have been ~ SOL!!!

I spent two hours looking through
the totes,
looking at all my projects
left to do.
I am going to have to live
to be two hundred to get them all done.

My mom would say three, but what does she
know from stitching!!!?

So this very minute I am going to
go get busy on one of them!


  1. wow..the cat is looking so lovely..i really love the look of the cat and alphabet are so nice too..
    both are looking so lovely project..keep it up dear..happy stitching xxx

  2. Olga and Jenny both look great! I totally forgot that I have Olga's chart. I know I'll be kicking myself for not stitching her when Halloween comes around. I need to get on the ball with my holiday stitching. Lovely work on both ofyour pieces!

  3. Lovely work on your WIP's.. Olga looks great...glad you found her again.