Monday, September 21, 2009

TUSAL . . .

is a day late and a dollar short. But what
is new?
In this shot I have my trusty glasses
and the darling scissor fob that
Terri made for everyone doing this SAL.
It is blue and has a darling turtle on the end.
I have a pair of scissors with flowers
all over them and they look great
with the beads.
So, thank you so much Terri
the fob is gorgeous and ~

Again I say, I love it !!!

This is a close up of my jar, at the bottom.
I have papers again from The Silver Needle
which contained many neat things for my stash.
I got the Sail Away kit and Sirens of the Sea.

I saw where someone changed the
alphabet and I plan to do that too.

Is it okay to copy something you think is so neat?

I have many very cool alphabets
that I have used over the years
so I plan to incorporate them
into this Sirens of the Sea pattern.

I may also change the Sail Away kits alphabet, too.

I have threads from White Kitty,
Seaside Sweethearts (finished and framed),
Red Dragon (finished),
Celtic Cross,
Lucky Lady's Quaker,
Curly Q Ewe, and
Cape Cod Girls.
Most are just the tails and
end of threads I cut off
not too much frogging done this time..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Curly Q Ewe . . . Lady Quaker. . .

This is Lady Quaker and she goes with the
Gentleman Quaker I found that is a SAL.
I downloaded her and got this much stitched
Monday because I had to stay home
because we had no water.
Can't get ready for work without water.

The plumbers left at 4:45 and by the time
I got ready for work it would have been
time to come home.

I took a personal day!
So . . . I stitched on her!
She has Quaker blocks around her
and an alphabet. She is fun stitch!

I have been waiting for the Plantation Sampler Manor
pattern and it is out of print. Go Figure!
I ordered it Sept. 3rd and they are just getting
back to me?
Again Go Figure!!!

I was really looking forward to stitching that one.

Curly Q Ewe . . . is done this much now.
I do have all of her skirt done as of tonight.

Boy, are there a lot of stitches
in one skirt!
I will post another picture tomorrow.
Thanks for looking!
God Bless ~

Monday, September 14, 2009

Curly Q Ewe . . .

is coming along and here she is!
Isn't she darling?
Yet, the best part is next
and she is the cutest!
The Ewe ~ I love her curls.

I am using 28 ct green over dye with a
hint of beige fabric.
DMC and CC that are called for in the pattern except
for the alphabet which is stitched in
color variations.

I have about 1/2" more stitched on her skirt
since I took the picture.

My followers, I thank you so much for stopping by to say
God Bless ~

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Baaa . . .

denotes a gorgeous Ewe I am stitching at present.

Curly Q Ewe.

I am using a green over dye with a hint of beige,
fabric in a 28 ct stitched with Crescent Colors
and DMC.
I fell in love with LHN and CCN about two
years ago when I saw them in Belton, Texas.
I attend a retreat there at Summer's Mill
every spring.
We have sooooo much fun!
I have the border done with two leaves
at the top with a flower in between.

The little girl is stitched down past her
waist and ABC is stitched also.

She is enchanting if I do say so myself.

I will post pictures tomorrow
of her
and other ones yet done
and to be started!

I was off today and it was a wonderful day
to stitch cause it rained all day.
we need it so badly!

God Bless ~

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fall Scarecrow, Pumpkins & Cat and Put on you Big Girl Panties . . .

This saying applies so much in everyday life.

It seems very hard to get through the stress
of life without it.

I loved this one so much cause her hair was fun,
the lips say it all
and her nose is soooo long.

I love her shoes, her pant suit and that chicken.

She is just a HOOT!

And to top it off she is wearing gloves.
I can't imagine!
Except for the three days of winter we have here in Waco.

Otherwise, gloves have to be out!

She was a kit that came in a cute box.
I supplied the fabric.

It was a great fabric I used to be able to get
that was technically a lenin look that was 17ct.
I loved it to pieces.
Can't get it anymore.
I had pink, peach, blue, beige and off white.
Every once in awhile I find another piece.

I forgot that I had done this Halloween
one the first of this year.

It was a freebie I got from my LNS.

I added the cute pumpkin at the bottom,
in the middle.
So . . . now I have two Halloween ones done this year.

Since I have the new Halloween book I will
probably stitch at least one more.

I used over dyed thread for the border
and DMC for all the rest.
It was stitched on a beautiful over dyed fabric from
Silk Weavers.

Happy Fall and it is coming soon.

Not so much here in Texas yet, but there are other places.

I started this one in 1997 and did about
1/2 of it and put it up.

Then I got it out and decided I would finish it.
So I did just that about April 2009!

It is done on Orange fabric with over dyed threads.
Finished off with ceramic leaves and candy corn.
It was a very fun stitch!
Thanks for coming by your comments are always welcome.
Thank You!!!
God Bless ~

Meow . . .

Happy Halloween!!!

Surprise it is done!
I stayed up till 2:30 to get it finished.

I know, I know, I am crazy!
But I was determined
to finish it before I went to bed.

As you can see, it is already 3:23 and I did fall
asleep in my chair, is it any wonder?

But my first Halloween is finished.

I am going to try and get the 5 done, stretched
and framed next week.

So stayed tuned. I promise they will be done.

Wish me luck!

Thanks for taking a peek.

God Bless ~

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Halloween Cat and Pumpkins . . .

Here is the leaflet for the patten!
It was a fun and fast stitch.

I have had this pattern, fabric and thread since
1982 or there about. I put it in the basket
beside my stitching chair and every time
I go through it I see this pattern.

Every year I say I will stitch it for Halloween. Well, now I have.
I started it right after I finished my Dragon.
Today I ordered a frame for it, too.

He will be a good addition to my Halloween stitching's.
Only one more pumpkin on my vine
and a witch or two.
I have made more cards for Halloween
then I have stitchery. Pretty sad huh?

I love Halloween but don't get
around to stitching anything.

This year is going to be different. Daffy cat had the
cutest cat pattern I would love to have the name of and where I can get one.

He is a most fierce dragon. . .

and it's a wrap!

However, he has golden flames coming
out of his mouth, not green ones. His eye is white
not blue.

So now it is time for the


I ordered just a green frame to surround the dragon
and the beautiful red fabric.

I just hope Linda likes it. I would like to find something
Shakespeare but do they make anything like that?
I was thinking of the Shakespeare fairies
they are so beautiful and colorful.

Any suggestions?

This lady is a Shakespeare lover and helps out at the
school during the year.
Remember the fabric is red and has no blue in it at all.

I will post another picture when I have it framed next Thursday.
Just in time to take it to my Thursday Guild meeting.

Thanks for taking a look at him I do appreciate it so much.

God Bless ~

Monday, September 7, 2009

Welsh Red Dragon . . .

I don't have a picture but I can still do a Happy Dance!!!

He is finished ~ YEA!

I have my name in it, it is dated and I have
"Welsh Dragon"
in my favorite alphabet at the bottom ~ done, too.

I will post a picture tomorrow.

Again I say YEA!!!

Thanks for stopping by ~

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Welsh Red Dragon . . .

is back!
My check list reads ~
eye ~ done,
flames ~ done,
legs ~ done,
tail ~ done,
sparkles in body ~ done.
Wings started!
Words "Welsh Dragon" left to do.
Sign and number.

Happy Dance!!!

Linda has the original ornament hanging on a door knob.
It is stitched in red, green and gold.
I am thinking of stitching the words

"Welsh Dragon"
in green over dye.

What do you think?

Thanks for looking again I appreciate it so much.

God Bless ~

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Welsh Red Dragon . . .

Now has three legs ~ only one more to go
and of course that tail!
There is a pair of wings in the middle, don't forget!

I worked on him last night and no FROGS
came to visit me.
I got the back leg done.

Tonight I shall start on the wings.

It is stitched with one strand of thread,
Buckeye Scarlet
and one strand of a sparkle reddish thread.

I will have to see how it looks. I may just stitch
it in the sparkle reddish cause it is pretty thick.

Here's hoping it works!
Say a prayer!

Thank you for looking I appreciate it.

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