Monday, August 31, 2009

Red Dragon flying by to say. . .

Hi !!!
How's it going?

This is what my fabric looks like.
It does not have any blue in it
like the fabric below.

Thanks to my friend Dee Dee,
I have this picture to show you. She used her
I phone to take the picture.

I stitched this last night.
I had to take out 20 rows when I discovered
I had not stitched two important ones earlier.


I took it out and put it all back in before I went to bed.
This picture is not true, because
there is not any blue in it
at all.

I worked on it after I got home from work, tonight.
No frogs visited me so I got another leg done.

I am now concerned that I won't have enough thread.
I may have to go to my LNS Friday and get another skein.

Thanks for stopping by to see my progress it means the world to me.
Take care and God Bless ~

Red Dragon

This is what the Red Dragon will look like when finished.
I am not doing the border just the dragon.

I have the first half to the wings done.
I still have to do his eye and fire breath!

My son, Tris, stayed with a lady in D. C.
for the year while he
went to George Washington University
to get his Master's degree in Classical Acting.

She is Welsh and on their crest is a Red Dragon.
This is the fabric I chose to stitch the Welsh Dragon.

I have 1/3 of him done. I discovered I had left out two
rows of stitching after I was past it by 20 rows.
I am using over dyed thread, which constitutes crossing
each stitch as you go.

You guessed it ~
The Frog made a visit and only
left after I had removed, in one hour, what it took
me two to put in.

He is now safely visiting someone else and good radiance.

I have put back all the stitches plus some.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Her name is Knee-Hi

This is Knee-Hi laying in my stitching chair.

If she had known I was going to take
her picture she would have lain her head on the pillow.

She is quite a mess and gets in trouble for getting
in the bookcase shelves.

She will back up, and start knocking down
the nick knacks when you try and get her down.

He very favorite thing in this world is to jump in empty
boxes or shopping bags.
You will hear a loud crash and it is her trying
to get her big butt into said bag!
Doesn't she look sweet?
Sweet being the operative word, here.

Let me tell you she is one crazy cat!!!

This is part of a Friendship Sampler
I did in 1995 and 1996.
This was before I ever got my cat Knee-Hi
so was I surprised when she turned
out to look like this except she has teal eyes
and white around her face.
She also has white legs up to her knees.
Thus ~ Knee-Hi!
I also stitched this piece for my x-husbands'
present wife. Her cats name was Jake.
He hangs in their living room.
The only difference in the two is that mine
has this frame around it
and it is the center-piece of the Friendship Sampler.

Hers is just the cat face in the frame.

Thanks for stopping by I appreciate it so much.
Take care~

Friday, August 21, 2009


It is almost midnight in Texas so it is time for the new moon.

Thanks to Yoyo, Leigh, I am able to post her logo on my blog.
Thank you so much Leigh, I promise I could not have done it without you.

I have stitched on my Seaside Sweethearts
this past two weeks so most of
the top threads are from that stitchery.

I finally got it finished
and now I just have to stretch it
and take it to the shop and frame it.

I also got some threads from The Silver Needle for my Desert Mandala
and put the label and wrapping paper in my jar.

I have put my old golden needles minus the gold in the jar!

At least I won't be stepping on them in the middle of the night!
Won't that be nice?

The top threads are from the new start
I worked on last night and some tonight.
It's called "White Kitty", by La D Da
and so far I love it.
I never had a "White Kitty", nor would I want one, but his face is so
The fabric directly underneath the jar is what I am using to stitch
"White Kitty" on. It is an over dye I got from Enchanted Fabrics.
I know the white will show up on it.

Looking forward to seeing all of the different jars this month.

Thank you for looking, I certainly do appreciate it.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh, Goody A Finish. . . .

and now I can do a BIG, all over the house,

Happy Dance !!!

It's done, it's done and did I tell you

YEA!!! YEA!!! YEA!!!

I just want to send Bob an email and
tell him he can keep his Seaside Sweethearts
cause I now have my


Am I bad?
Oh, Well . . .

I put my name on one side, at the bottom in Ecru DMC
and the date on the other side.

Then I got busy on those pesky long stitches!
I thought I
would never get them stitched.

I really don't want to think
about doing any more long stitches for a long time.

Talk about boring, let me tell you ~
They are ~ very boring!

After each section was stitched I took a picture so I now
have a photographic commentary
on this piece of needlework.

I have my frame and mats safely hidden
so there won't be a repeat of the last mats that were used
for someone Else's work instead of for my
Tiger Eyes!

As always Thank You so much for
stopping by and I am so
glad I finally have something

Your encouragement is so wonderful as well as being

I will post another picture
of it when I get it back from


the framer!

Take care and God Bless ~

Friday, August 14, 2009

Seaside Sweethearts . . .

This is a bigger picture of what it looks like. I have made some significant progress, however!

I have been working on this piece for what seems
like forever!
Could it be that
I think it could!
I have done my posting on ~
I've Started and I'll Finish . . . Eventually . . .
for months now.

The end is near as I will finish it this weekend!
I have the frame, mats and all I have to do is wash it.

The iron had an unfortunate accident when I was
giving it a press for it's picture
and spit up on it!

I just hope the washing will take it out!

I use a product called Zout and it seem to do a good job!

Here's Hoping!

Say a prayer, it helps!

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Eyes have it . . . . .

and they are scoping you out!
Here they are and I changed the inner mat yet again.
It does not show up in this picture
but it is a light grey with a blue core
so when it is cut in a bevel it is
I also changed the outer mat to a grey with fibers in it.
Gives it texture!
I am much happier with this one than I was with the last.
I haven't sent it to my brother yet, I'm bad,
but I will soon!!!
Tomorrow is freight day at HL and
I will try to find
the perfect box.
Must go to bed, thanks for stopping by and encouraging
me to stitch my best, I appreciate it.