Friday, August 21, 2009


It is almost midnight in Texas so it is time for the new moon.

Thanks to Yoyo, Leigh, I am able to post her logo on my blog.
Thank you so much Leigh, I promise I could not have done it without you.

I have stitched on my Seaside Sweethearts
this past two weeks so most of
the top threads are from that stitchery.

I finally got it finished
and now I just have to stretch it
and take it to the shop and frame it.

I also got some threads from The Silver Needle for my Desert Mandala
and put the label and wrapping paper in my jar.

I have put my old golden needles minus the gold in the jar!

At least I won't be stepping on them in the middle of the night!
Won't that be nice?

The top threads are from the new start
I worked on last night and some tonight.
It's called "White Kitty", by La D Da
and so far I love it.
I never had a "White Kitty", nor would I want one, but his face is so
The fabric directly underneath the jar is what I am using to stitch
"White Kitty" on. It is an over dye I got from Enchanted Fabrics.
I know the white will show up on it.

Looking forward to seeing all of the different jars this month.

Thank you for looking, I certainly do appreciate it.


  1. That is beautiful fabric, Leena. Can't wait to see the white kitty :)

  2. Ha glad my directions helped, it isn't at all hard on a Mac, that's for sure. To answer your other question you can change your jar any time, it's just the contents that must move "in tact" so to speak from jar to jar. Good looking goodies in your Totally Useless Container, and you've even managed to post your's before I got to mine, good for you!

  3. Just found your blog by reading Chrizette's!!
    I thought I had you bookmarked...well, I do now:)

    Great place and GORGEOUS stitching!!

  4. I just stopped by to see your TUSAL jar. You are making great progress! I cant wait to see your white kitty next time I come by!