Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh, Goody A Finish. . . .

and now I can do a BIG, all over the house,

Happy Dance !!!

It's done, it's done and did I tell you

YEA!!! YEA!!! YEA!!!

I just want to send Bob an email and
tell him he can keep his Seaside Sweethearts
cause I now have my


Am I bad?
Oh, Well . . .

I put my name on one side, at the bottom in Ecru DMC
and the date on the other side.

Then I got busy on those pesky long stitches!
I thought I
would never get them stitched.

I really don't want to think
about doing any more long stitches for a long time.

Talk about boring, let me tell you ~
They are ~ very boring!

After each section was stitched I took a picture so I now
have a photographic commentary
on this piece of needlework.

I have my frame and mats safely hidden
so there won't be a repeat of the last mats that were used
for someone Else's work instead of for my
Tiger Eyes!

As always Thank You so much for
stopping by and I am so
glad I finally have something

Your encouragement is so wonderful as well as being

I will post another picture
of it when I get it back from


the framer!

Take care and God Bless ~


  1. That is gorgeous!!!! Congratulations on the finish! You make me want to pick up some of my UFO's and finish them.

  2. Congratulations on a wonderful finish and also for the great dance I could almost hear the cheers from here....

  3. Congratulations! You have done a wonderful job with this piece. You can hang it with pride.

  4. This is a beautiful piece! Well done! You can be proud!!

  5. It's absolutely stunning. I did a Lanarte chart of two ladies on bicycles and gave it to my's a treasure to me to this day. Congratulations!

  6. wow..that looks gorgeous....congratulations...