Sunday, August 30, 2009

Her name is Knee-Hi

This is Knee-Hi laying in my stitching chair.

If she had known I was going to take
her picture she would have lain her head on the pillow.

She is quite a mess and gets in trouble for getting
in the bookcase shelves.

She will back up, and start knocking down
the nick knacks when you try and get her down.

He very favorite thing in this world is to jump in empty
boxes or shopping bags.
You will hear a loud crash and it is her trying
to get her big butt into said bag!
Doesn't she look sweet?
Sweet being the operative word, here.

Let me tell you she is one crazy cat!!!

This is part of a Friendship Sampler
I did in 1995 and 1996.
This was before I ever got my cat Knee-Hi
so was I surprised when she turned
out to look like this except she has teal eyes
and white around her face.
She also has white legs up to her knees.
Thus ~ Knee-Hi!
I also stitched this piece for my x-husbands'
present wife. Her cats name was Jake.
He hangs in their living room.
The only difference in the two is that mine
has this frame around it
and it is the center-piece of the Friendship Sampler.

Hers is just the cat face in the frame.

Thanks for stopping by I appreciate it so much.
Take care~

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