Monday, August 31, 2009

Red Dragon

This is what the Red Dragon will look like when finished.
I am not doing the border just the dragon.

I have the first half to the wings done.
I still have to do his eye and fire breath!

My son, Tris, stayed with a lady in D. C.
for the year while he
went to George Washington University
to get his Master's degree in Classical Acting.

She is Welsh and on their crest is a Red Dragon.
This is the fabric I chose to stitch the Welsh Dragon.

I have 1/3 of him done. I discovered I had left out two
rows of stitching after I was past it by 20 rows.
I am using over dyed thread, which constitutes crossing
each stitch as you go.

You guessed it ~
The Frog made a visit and only
left after I had removed, in one hour, what it took
me two to put in.

He is now safely visiting someone else and good radiance.

I have put back all the stitches plus some.


  1. Waht a stunning dragon and what gorgeous fabric. I just hope the frogs haven't moved to my home lol.

  2. Ah..the frog visits! He will stay away now for a long time (we hope). What a nice way to say Thank you for such a generous, open home. Look forward to seeing more!