Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Hi ho everyone!
No pictures today just
a short, sweet wish for
you and yours


Thank you all so much for
following me along
on this journey
and leaving your sweet
they are very much appreciated!

God Bless you all in the upcoming
2011 year.
May it bring health, wealth and
much Happiness!
Peace ~

Friday, August 27, 2010

One Lovely Blog Award . . .

Isn't it gorgeous?

I am so touched by this award.

Thank you so much Chrizette
it was so thoughtful of you to give me this!!!

God Bless your stitching fingers ~

Sunday, August 15, 2010

August 21st. Tristan's Wedding, Peacocks anyone? . . .

My youngest son, Tristan, is getting married next Sat.
He is marring ~ Morgan a woman he met
while he went to acting school
at George Washington University
in D. C.

I really like her, too.

So this is the sampler I am doing for them.

No, it won't be ready.
It is much more
involved than I thought.
I have made good progress on it
and I have stitched every night
but one since I started.

But alas, it won't be done.

This is the true fabric color.

I changed my threads to
Sullivan's threads. I like them
very much even though I
have read some bad reviews
about them.
They do not fray like
DMC's and they look nice when done.
I don't have to constantly cut off
the tail because it becomes
in tangled.

This is about one and a half weeks worth.

This is where I am now down in next picture.
It is about half done.

I still have to change the
alphabet in the middle
and stitch all the rest.

I will get it done in the next
two weeks.

The big problem is we are doing the
floors in my mothers house this
next week, finally.

I live with her and we have
had this planned for almost a year.

Something always happens and
we have to change our plans.
Now I am taking off this next week
to be here while it is done.

Last night I started moving
all that has to be moved and
will pack up what has to be packed.

So . . . no stitching much to my deep sadness.
I would actually rather stitch than do anything else.

I'm BAD!!!

Well, I hear those boxes calling me
I better get

This is where I am now. See my new scissors?
Aren't they cute?

Camp Town Girls are their names
and they are shaped like girls and
have hairdos and clothes on, too.

Peacocks anyone?

I stitched this little pattern for a
friend who has been a great moderator
on one of my group exchanges.
She recently was let go from
her job and needed some
cheering up.

So . . .

Enter the Peacock.

I used a 32 ct. fabric and Carrie's Creations
Lagoon Green and Ocean Blue variegated threads.

I used one thread of Ocean Blue for the
alphabet around the Peacock.

I used two strands of Ocean Blue for the
scallops around the letters.

I used one of each for the flowers in the inside
center and two of Lagoon Green for
the branches in the corners.

Then to finish it I used two strands
Of Lagoon Green to stitch the

She loved it and I am so thrilled. When I saw
the pattern I thought of her cause she loves

That is all . . .
Thanks for looking.

God Bless your stitching fingers.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bitty Cat Ornament, The Rooster

It is a nice summer day in Cape Town, South Africa.
My daughter takes this picture of her son, Samuel
my first Grandson.
This is what she sent from South Africa
of "me" and my Grandson.
It was titled ~
Here's Mom visiting S. A. for the World Cup!

Can't find me in the picture? Well, I would be

the "Rooster" on the table!
My kids used to
call me The Rooster, because my hair
was red! And it stuck, to this day,
even after I let my hair grow out.

The reason my Grandson, Samuel looks like that?
He is scared that Rooster
is going to peck his eyes out!

I just wondered where you could
go and there would be a rooster
and a chicken on your table.
Oh yeah,
that would be in Cape Town, S. A.

My three kids got a great laugh out of
this one.

Here's another Little, Bitty cat ornament I finished.
I used another kind of thread this time.
It's Olde Willow Stitchery ~ Overcast.
But it came out
pretty light in the photo.

I have stitched this one twice but I can't
find the other one. But when I do I will
have another ornament done.

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look. I do
appreciate any and all comments. You keep me
going at a hobby I dearly love.
God Bless ~

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pat Winter's Giveaway

Please come by and click on the lovely picture,
in the right hand
corner for a chance to win
some beautiful stash.

Besides she has a lovely blog
you can get lost in for hours.

Thanks for looking!
God Bless ~

Monday, June 21, 2010

Bitty Cat Ornament, Spot of Spring

Today, the mailman left this in my mailbox.

It's the exchange from Janice M. and I love it.

I was planning on doing this one because
I love the fat robins and it also
has daffodils in it and
I was born in March.


It's the start of the alphabet I will
continue to stitch until I
have them all done.

I ordered Summer and Fall tonight
and I will work on Summer as soon as it gets here.
Then I will do Fall.

Isn't it the cutest little pattern?

The tree has little flowers on it
and they are scattered all around the pattern.

I love the fat robins they are so sassy!!!

It's just Perfect all around!!!

Thanks Janice I love it!

This preview came in the mail Thursday.
I decided I would stitch the cat
with the candy cane.

I got it almost finished when I
visited a blog and the lady was
doing the same one from her preview.
I would mention her name but
I don't know if I should.

She has a solid gray cat so she made
her cat gray instead of black.

I took out the Black Coffee (black) in mine
and put in the grey (Milady's Teal) instead.

I had a tabby cat who was also grey
and so ~
I dedicate this ornament to ~

Knee ~ Hi, my sorely missed tabby.

I used Milady's Teal by CC,
it is variegated like she was.

However, it doesn't show up like
I thought it should.

I also gave her a pink nose with a
small black line in it like hers.

Thanks for dropping by and looking at my stuff
I appreciate it so much and it sure does motivate
me to do more and get better at my craft.

God Bless ~

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Big Zipper: Go with all your Heart

I got this in the mail last Thursday.
I don't like stitching with
pearl cotton so my choice
was DMC.
I counted the outline and came up
with 1,162 stitches and decided I needed
5 skeins of floss.
I am stitching on 28ct. over two threads on a
piece of fabric from DMC I got at
Hobby Lobby years ago.

Then I counted the inside of the outline
came up with 2,642 stitches
and bought 8 skeins of floss.

Gathered all the other colors,
began stitching
and look what I got done!

TaDa ~ I got the dark color done all
the way around.

I was left with about 5 skeins of floss
so I exchanged 3 of them and took
back 4 of the inside color.
So much for all that math.

This pay day I will buy the next installment.

It was much easier than I thought it would be
so it was fun and I only had to take
out about two humps.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.
God Bless ~

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Today I went to the grocery store
and when I walked out the door
to leave
this is what I saw. . .

do not grow in my yard.

I wish they did but they would just die.

It is so hot here in the summer only the fleas and
ticks thrive.

Aren't they gorgeous?
The pinks are so pink!
The green leaves are so green!

Now tell me there isn't a God!

He put all the lovely plants
on this earth to prove He is here.

And some days there are those pesky
spiders stringing their webs in
those beautiful flowers.

But, at least they are harmless ~
just look scary.
This beautiful blossom is just
waiting for a bee to come and
collect their pollen.
It's just such a pretty sight.

Makes going to the store not such a
bad deal after all.

I did get some stitching done and finally
got the card done and a surprise for
my exchange partner.
I will send her squares off tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.
You are the best!

God Bless ~

Monday, May 31, 2010

Last Post of May . . . Glory and Meow!

I finished these two up last night.

I tried to post them but they did not
arrive from my phone until 3:55.
I sure am glad I didn't wait up.

I call this one Glory Bee ~
see that little bee? It glows in
the dark.
It is a San ManOriginals pattern.
I changed
the colors to a more muted
shade of Glory for the U. S. A.,
flag, stars and firecracker.
It is done on 32 ct. light ivory.

How does it look?

The other
colors were Aqua,
Pink and bright yellow.
Not like the 4th at all!

This one is called Meow!

It is all ready to be sent off
I used mostly over dyed threads,
in fact
over dyed threads to stitch
it up.
It is done on 32ct Lambswool.

It's so hard to believe it is almost June.


I have tried to post every
nite but I missed one by 2 minutes
and one by one stinking minute.

Total Bummer!

Tonight I worked on Cape Cod Girls that I
started long ago.
I finished the outline,
one eel and the three
curly queue's in the left hand corner.

I also gathered the threads together
for the Sampler Sisters of Thread I am
going to do with a couple of
ladies online.
Well, more than a couple,
I bet!

I found a piece of fabric I bought
for my Desert Mandala
but it is too small.

I think
it will work just perfect with
my Sister's Sampler's piece.

It is called Desert Sky and it is
over dyed with tan and blue.

I have found another one for my
Desert Mandala so it is OK to
use this piece for the Sampler.

Got to go and order my pattern
and the threads I need.

Have you ever noticed
that no matter how many threads
you have, you never, never
have all of the ones you need?

Funny how that works.

Thanks for looking ~
you all are the best friends one
could ask for in the whole
wide world.

God Bless Your stitching fingers . . .

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Memorial Day . . .

Thank a veteran the next time you see one.
I know I will ~ cause I see lots of
them in my work.

Picture Framer!

To all of those men and women who
have served this country and
given their lives so I may
enjoy living in a Free America
I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Your sacrifice has not been given
in vain.

Hope everyone enjoys their holiday.

God Bless you all!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

That Pear Tree . . .

is coming along finally.
I decided I would work on it and
get it done.

I just need to finish the last
pear on that pear tree!

Maybe I can make it look half decent.
It is too big and it is not very cute,
but we shall see.
Maybe a button
will help!

Couldn't hurt!!!

Thanks for taking a look at a
not too pretty ornament.
I have the snowman, sheep and
the house. I just need to
get the red house oh, and
get them stitched.

Tonight I finished the 4th of July
exchange. I just have to do the
name part on the other square.
I should have it ready to mail
by Friday, ahead of time.

God Bless your stitching fingers ~

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Two Ladybugs . . .

While brushing my teeth this morning I saw
something orange red on the branch of
the lavender tree in the front yard.

I turned to look and it was
two lady bugs mating.

As soon as I finished brushing
my teeth I was going to go take a snap
of them.

But . . . alas they were both gone
when I looked up.

And I thought men were quick!!!

I love ladybugs, they are a pretty
reminder that God is out there watching
over us everyday.

I often see many ladybugs usually sitting
on different leaves just soaking
up the sun.

They are a favorite bug
to watch.

At night we have the lightening bugs flying
around looking for a mate.
I am from
El Paso, Texas and we didn't have
lightening bugs there.

The very first time I ever saw a lightening bug
was in Freeburg, Ill. when we went to
visit my Dad's parents.

My twin brother and little sister and I
caught them and put them in a jar until

When we got up it was just a jar full
of grub worms,
to my horror!

My two older brothers had substituted
the lightening bugs with grub worms.

It took me forever to figure out what they
had done.
I was talking it over with my sister,
that shared memory,
and she told me.

My brothers ~ what a couple of pips!

I never knew what they were going
to pull on me next.

I was the oldest sister and I was so
easy to fool and they did, often.

I worked on the 4th of July exchange so no
pictures and besides I fell asleep in my chair.

I just have a crick in my neck to show for it.

Take care all my dear friends.
Remember God loves you and if you don't think so
just look for a ladybug!

Happy stitching all!