Saturday, May 29, 2010

That Pear Tree . . .

is coming along finally.
I decided I would work on it and
get it done.

I just need to finish the last
pear on that pear tree!

Maybe I can make it look half decent.
It is too big and it is not very cute,
but we shall see.
Maybe a button
will help!

Couldn't hurt!!!

Thanks for taking a look at a
not too pretty ornament.
I have the snowman, sheep and
the house. I just need to
get the red house oh, and
get them stitched.

Tonight I finished the 4th of July
exchange. I just have to do the
name part on the other square.
I should have it ready to mail
by Friday, ahead of time.

God Bless your stitching fingers ~


  1. I think the pear tree looks very nice! Maybe a little star on top (button) and a present or two underneath would make it more colorful for you?

  2. Dear Lenna, I just wanted to thank you personally for your encouraging and comforting comment to me regarding Elaine's passing. You and I are both Christians, and our hope in Christ will be realized one day. I talked often to Elaine about the Lord, though she was Jewish, and I thought she was receptive. Someday, I pray you and I will be meeting her at "home." I love your pears, btw. How about a bird on top?? :] Hugs

  3. PS: I also wanted you to know how uplifting it was to visit your blog today!! :]