Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kokeshi biscornu . . .

I fell in love with this pattern the
very first time I saw it months ago.
Then I forgot about it as soon
as I saw it.
I was looking
for Stitch or Die and
remembered it was
probably a Barbara Ana
Design so I looked there.

Lo and Behold Kokeshi
was the first one that came up.

She has such an
adorable face
and I have
wanted to stitch her from
the first time I saw her.

This is my progress so far.
I had to take her hair out
because I was one row off.

The bun would have been
in the wrong place.

It was sorta hard to stitch in the
Midas car repair while I
was waiting for them to
replace the starter.

I had to have AAA come out and
together Ben and I got the car
started so I could take it to them.

They got it replaced and then
I had to take the car to Kwicker Sticker
and have the inspection done.

If I had been thinking Midas could have
done it because they do inspections, too.

The nice man at KS replaced a bulb
in the left hand back light or
it would not have passed inspection ~ again.

Two years ago I had to replace the right
back light bulb.
It's too creepy when it does it again,
just a different light.
But Micheal got it done for me Thank God.
That is how I spent my day and I didn't
get much stitching done. It's amazing how
much stitching I don't get done on my vacation!!!

I guess I should find a permanent
home for the frog with maybe a bed.
He could eat meals with us as
long as he wears a top hat
and carries a cane.

Maybe he can do a dance!

I wouldn't be upset if he just
danced himself right out the door.
Would he be missed?
I doubt it!!!

Thanks for lending your support and
dropping by to see my work. Your comments
mean the world to me.

Take care and as always God Bless ~

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