Monday, May 17, 2010

Book Store . . . Heaven!

Heaven is a Book Store!!!
Heather went and viewed my blog and she likes it!
The Book Store that is ~ and maybe my blog!
Who knows?

Oh, Yea! you never know with these kids!
Well, she is hardly a kid but you
mothers know what I mean.

Here is my progress on the Book Store.

I used DMC variations thread the one
with the coral in it for the bricks.

They are so realistic ~
for bricks.

I also put two chimneys on top of
the house because what house doesn't
have a fireplace?

Oh, I know ~ lots
but not this Book Store!!!

You will also notice that I did the
books in the upstairs window.
Which means I found my gold thread.
It was the second place I looked.
Big Yea!!!

I now have the lower half to do with
the windows, books, door, and more bricks.
The trees and the outline border.
I am not
going to put the white inside border
around this piece.

Thanks for looking and I am off to do some
more stitching.
God Bless your stitching fingers ~


  1. Great start on the bookstore. The bricks look great.
    And I do agree: heaven is a bookstore indeed.

  2. Terrific start on The Bookstore!! I do like the bricks...what is the DMC variation number? Also, email me about Spot of Spring & Summer House.