Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Whee ~

I used Six Strand Sweets
to do this tall skinny snow
In the pattern he has no arms but who has ever seen a snowman with no arms I ask you?

I think the arms make him look sassy what do you think?

Like he is standing there daring
the wind to blow him over
cause he is so skinny!

He reminds me of the snowman I made in
New York when I was visiting my boyfriend.

Yes, the same jerk who would not give me
the Seaside Sweethearts cross stitch I
did for him when we broke up.

Anyhoo ~ it had snowed the night I got there
so the next morning in the windy freezing cold I
went out to build this snowman.

The snow was the dry kind and it was
very hard to get it to stick together.

After it snowed that night it rained and so
a crust formed on top of the snow.
I used a snow shovel to break through
the crust and get the fresh snow.
I used the shovel to move the snow
where I was building the snowman.

Then I would
scoop up some in my hands and blow
my breath on it and then
begin building.
I could only make him tall and
skinny cause I couldn't make him fat at all
the snow was too powdery.

I worked on him for two and a half hours and had
three tiers ~ head, stomach, and bottom.

Not much in the way of definition just
straight up and down.

He had pine cones for eyes and buttons,
for arms, see?, a scarf and a pipe in his mouth.

He Was Sooooooo cute, if I do say so myself!

After I froze my #*& off my boyfriend would
not even go out and take a picture of
the snowman and me together.

He is a true jerk to this day!!!

I enjoyed the snowman the whole time
I was there!

I dearly love snowmen!

The only thread that was different
was the Sampler Thread
it was all the white.

I don't like the way it stitched up at all.
I have never had any trouble with
Sampler Thread before this project.

The color is called Chalk.

Not crazy about the fabric either it is
and the weave seems to be very

The snowman will probably be part of an
exchange down the line.

Guess I had better go to bed.
I am on vacation
this week so I am doing some stitching.

But, I started a new book, trashy, romance,
historical novel and it is one
I don't want to put down.

It is that good!!!

Tomorrow I have to take my mom
to get her hair done.
She desperately needs a permanent.

She got a bath today and I washed her
hair and rolled it up.
Boy is it long!

So for one day she has nice hair until
Then she will have really
nice hair!

I went and had my nails done today and decided
I would do a pedicure, also.
Now I have
colored toe nails.
They are so pretty I
do like the color of the nail polish.

Take care all ~ and Happy Stitching.

God Bless your stitching fingers!!!

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