Thursday, May 6, 2010

Random Thoughts. . .

are not hard to have now days.

I was visiting a blog the other day
and started reading about a stitched
piece called Random Thoughts.

I loved the way it looked.

Looked familiar and as I thought
about it randomly I realized
I had this pattern. I got it at our
annual White Elephant Sale.
So last night I started going through
my totes looking for this pattern.

Turns out it is a kit.

All the threads are here so as I
watched an old movie I put
the guide line in so I could
start it tonight.
After I got home from work I started
this very piece. It was so easy
to stitch cause you do it on
32ct. with one strand.
what could be easier?
I think there is a slight mistake though.
It calls for the "B" to be stitched
with a brown thread but the
number is green. I will borrow a
brown from my Ink Circles kit
for Reindeer Games. It has about
8 different browns in the kit.
So . . . this is what I got done. I am
going to go and stitch a little bit
more before I go to bed.

Good Night All, Happy Stitching and God Bless
Your Stitching Fingers!!!


  1. Lovely new stitch! Love it - Look forward to your progress photos

  2. That's a wonderful piece to start working on. I've done their Sampler of Stitches and should warn you that sometimes there are mistakes in their patterns. I ran into a couple of them with SoS. I think that you're save doing what you want in some cases. I did and no one would be the wiser.