Monday, May 3, 2010

Bluebonnets, Honeysuckle . . .

Spring is defiantly here in Texas.
We had some beautiful bluebonnets because
we had the right amount of rain this year.

All along the
highways there was an abundance of gorgeous
They just swayed in the breeze and
let their colors shine.

I love spring in Waco when the bluebonnets are
out everywhere and everyday there are new ones
coming up to replace the dying ones.

They lasted for a long time this year.

In my backyard I have a dog run,
no dogs, however.

The fence stretches for about 50 feet and all along
it are Honeysuckle bushes which hang
over the top.

When you step outside it smells like heaven.

All of the bushes are in bloom
now and it is so lovely!

This is how I greet my day when I get into my truck to go to
work each morning.

As usual thanks for stopping by to stroll through my flowers.
God Bless ~

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful Lenna just beautiful. I saw the bluebonnets in bloom this year all along the highway as we drove from El Paso to Houston. They were wonderful to see.