Saturday, May 15, 2010

Heaven . . . is a Book Store

My only daughter, Heather, lives in Cape Town, South Africa with her husband, Darren.
She also has three of my grandchildren
Samuel, Olivia and Elisha.
She is also pregnant with their forth child due, in November.

She does believe that Heaven is a
"Book Store".

When I went to Cape Town to visit
we were shopping together at the mall.
I told her I would run into this shop and she said "I'll
be in the book store".

Actually I think she said ~ "Oh, take your time ~ I'll be in the book store!"

When I got finished I walked into the book store
and her eyes were glazed over
and I knew she had gone to that special place.

She has been this way ever since she was a small child.

The last day I was there we went to the tip of Africa,
to a row of little shops.

We went into the book store,
because I knew she would
really want to go there,
and it smelled old.
Like it had old books
inside and it did.

She was in Heaven!

It also had a wooden
box of old post card that looked too interesting.
If I get to go back I want to go get some of those cards!

There were also a lot of old
map type plates that someone had framed.
They need to come to America!

So today when this chart I had ordered
for her came I decided to work on it.
Yes, I put Kokeshi away cause Heather
is coming home in June.

It is a Country Cottage Needleworks and it is called
"The Book Store".
Heather moved into a new house and upstairs is a room, the study, that is for her books.
The computer is
also up there and she spends
all her free time reading of which she has very little.

I can still remember the magic
I felt when I learned to read. I remember
thinking ~
"Now I can read, anything I want".

Of course, I was only 5 but that didn't matter to me.
Dick and Jane were just too interesting!

I plan to get the frame shown in the picture
and have it for her to take home.
I hope she will like it.

Thanks so much for stopping by to take a look
in the book store windows.
I will have them done

As always God Bless your stitching fingers ~


  1. That is the way I used to feel about bookstores! Since I got my kindle I have moved that love online and to forums like Goodreads :)

  2. I don't think you could stitch a more perfect gift, Lenna. She'll love it!

  3. What a lovely story. I think stitching this one will have special meaning for both you and her.

  4. Reading is always so much fun when you find the right book to keep you interested. I love your memory from your trip to South Africa. I hope you do get to return there for a visit someday!

    The Library looks great so far! I am looking forward to the finish...

  5. I think that is a perfect gift for a book lover. I can relate to your mom's love of bookstores - I could spend hours in them (and never come out empty handed).