Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oleander, lavender and a WIP . . .

Behind the garage this is what grows on one tree.
It is almost obscured
by the over hanging branch

of the huge oak tree above it.
This yard is on a slope!

This is the tallest part of the tree.

This is a close up of the blossom.

It has dark around the outside and
light pink in the rest of the blossom.

That is the ratty old fence in the yard,
their yard.
Whenever we are gone those people
just come over and
work on that tired old fence.
They used a piece of wall
paneling the last time.
It is a beautiful shade of yellow and definitely
an eye sore.
So the flowers are a wonderful
Part of the fence has just
fallen down into our yard.

I hate to tell them this but it
is going to have to be replaced
and none of it is on our property.
Smaller flowers up a little higher.
They are so delicate looking ~
too bad the flowers are poisonous.

Close up of the double blossom and a
bud waiting to bloom.

We have a huge lavender tree
in the back yard across from
the oleander tree.
These are some of the first blossoms
in bloom.
Soon the whole tree will be
covered in blossoms.
It is just breath taking!!!

Close up of that cluster of flowers.

This is a favorite of the honey bee
and the bumble bee.
I have also seen wasps getting nectar, too.

This is that same cluster but I
tried to get the blue sky in
the background.

It was very blue and
very HOT today!

Aren't they the most gorgeous?
I will
get some more pictures as
the tree bursts into blooms soon.

Last but not least here is my progress
on the book store. I have found a
light grey thread that I will be
doing the fence in on the
other side of the house.
Than I will pick the best one that
actually shows up.

I worked on the 4th of July piece tonight
and when I mail it and my partner gets
it I will post it.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart
for stopping by and checking out my blog!

God Bless your stitching fingers . . .


  1. Beautiful pictures and stitching!

  2. Your bookstore is coming along beautifully. Great job.

    Thank you for the wonderful flower pictures, they are gorgeous!