Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Birds . . .

One can always find peace with the birds.

I finished this one before
I went to the retreat
I always attend once a year in
Belton, Texas.

I have loved this pattern
from the time I saw it.
Couldn't wait to stitch it
and it was such fun!

I love these guys as I have always watched
birds where ever I am.

My oldest brother has land
and lots of birds that
share it with him, his wife,
two horses, three dogs, one cat
and 20 pair of hummingbirds every season.

He has two pairs of barn swallows that give
birth to at least three broods in
any given season
that roost on the front porch.

He has gotten books about them so
he can identify as many as possible
in this lifetime.
He has taken some awesome pictures.

Just today he told me he got a cam so he could
find out what is getting into the
bird seed.

It turns out it
is Raccoons!


Anywhoo, I did this piece and decided
I would add a button bird, he is the little
blue one
with the star on his belly,
completely forgetting I had
bought the worm that goes with
the pattern.

I had it all together
when I found the worm button.
Then I remembered I had bought
the worm button to go with the pattern.

So. . . I took it apart,
undid the whole piece, moved the
small bird, added the worm and
put it all back together again.

Yahoo!!! A finish!

God Bless you for stopping by to fly with my birds.


  1. Cute! I love the wormy button!

  2. Such a cute finish and what a beautiful frame for it.

  3. Got the frame at Hobby Lobby one of my favorites.