Sunday, May 2, 2010

Time for God . . .

Another Happy Dance!!!
I started this one when Knee ~ Hi
first got sick.
I thought that with Faith
that she would pull through.

God knows she gave all of her lives
to do just that.
After she died that night at the
hospital I was determined
to finish it.
I decided I would make it for my mom for Mother's Day.
Well, here it is!!!
Tomorrow I will order the frame and cut the mat.

It is actually stitched on a beautiful blue fabric.
I don't know what happened with my camera.

But here it is all finished.

I decided to not stitch
the squares around the first letters like the
pattern showed.

It didn't look right so I took
it out about 4 times.

I just kept stitching
letters in different colors and then took
them all out.
So, once again that frog was here at the house
reeking havoc on my stitching.

God Bless Your stitching fingers.


  1. Congrats on the beautiful finish!

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