Wednesday, May 5, 2010

These are the days . . . we will remember forever . . .

At the retreat I attend every year at
Summer's Mill in Belton, Texas
we all had to line up
and stick our hand in
a pillowcase and pull
out a prize.

This was mine.

I am sure that this is the most profound
saying of that weekend.

It will be the days I remember all my life.

I had just lost Knee ~ Hi the Wednesday night
before I left Friday about 5 for Belton.
I was still in shock but I will remember
always trying not to cry that weekend.
Let's face it I didn't succeed but I
gave it my best.

I still after almost a month, cry
everyday or night cause I miss my
constant companion so much.

She was always there to meet me at the
back door when I came home at night.

She sat with me while I stitched
or went to sleep behind me on my
green recliner.

She slept with me at night and was there
every morning when I woke up.

I took care of her for the last month of her life
and saw her two different times
the last day before she died that night.

She climbed out of her box at the vets office,
in the cage,
to get to me so I could kiss her
and tell her I loved her.

I just hope she knew how much.

As always thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog ~
God Bless your stitching fingers ~

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  1. My heart is aching for you.
    I'm a cat lover and have lost six fur babies and just can't get over any of these losses.
    But I have decided to save a cat (from shelters) almost every time I have lost one. There are so many lonely, unloved cats and even unwanted kittens these days. I won't forget any of my babies, but I feel I owe to them and the love they gave me to have another of their mate and take care of her the best I can.
    May be Knee~Hi would appreciate?
    I think it would help you, and also would definitely help a cat in need of love -and you have so much to give.
    Take care,