Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pat Winter's Giveaway

Please come by and click on the lovely picture,
in the right hand
corner for a chance to win
some beautiful stash.

Besides she has a lovely blog
you can get lost in for hours.

Thanks for looking!
God Bless ~

Monday, June 21, 2010

Bitty Cat Ornament, Spot of Spring

Today, the mailman left this in my mailbox.

It's the exchange from Janice M. and I love it.

I was planning on doing this one because
I love the fat robins and it also
has daffodils in it and
I was born in March.


It's the start of the alphabet I will
continue to stitch until I
have them all done.

I ordered Summer and Fall tonight
and I will work on Summer as soon as it gets here.
Then I will do Fall.

Isn't it the cutest little pattern?

The tree has little flowers on it
and they are scattered all around the pattern.

I love the fat robins they are so sassy!!!

It's just Perfect all around!!!

Thanks Janice I love it!

This preview came in the mail Thursday.
I decided I would stitch the cat
with the candy cane.

I got it almost finished when I
visited a blog and the lady was
doing the same one from her preview.
I would mention her name but
I don't know if I should.

She has a solid gray cat so she made
her cat gray instead of black.

I took out the Black Coffee (black) in mine
and put in the grey (Milady's Teal) instead.

I had a tabby cat who was also grey
and so ~
I dedicate this ornament to ~

Knee ~ Hi, my sorely missed tabby.

I used Milady's Teal by CC,
it is variegated like she was.

However, it doesn't show up like
I thought it should.

I also gave her a pink nose with a
small black line in it like hers.

Thanks for dropping by and looking at my stuff
I appreciate it so much and it sure does motivate
me to do more and get better at my craft.

God Bless ~

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Big Zipper: Go with all your Heart

I got this in the mail last Thursday.
I don't like stitching with
pearl cotton so my choice
was DMC.
I counted the outline and came up
with 1,162 stitches and decided I needed
5 skeins of floss.
I am stitching on 28ct. over two threads on a
piece of fabric from DMC I got at
Hobby Lobby years ago.

Then I counted the inside of the outline
came up with 2,642 stitches
and bought 8 skeins of floss.

Gathered all the other colors,
began stitching
and look what I got done!

TaDa ~ I got the dark color done all
the way around.

I was left with about 5 skeins of floss
so I exchanged 3 of them and took
back 4 of the inside color.
So much for all that math.

This pay day I will buy the next installment.

It was much easier than I thought it would be
so it was fun and I only had to take
out about two humps.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.
God Bless ~

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Today I went to the grocery store
and when I walked out the door
to leave
this is what I saw. . .

do not grow in my yard.

I wish they did but they would just die.

It is so hot here in the summer only the fleas and
ticks thrive.

Aren't they gorgeous?
The pinks are so pink!
The green leaves are so green!

Now tell me there isn't a God!

He put all the lovely plants
on this earth to prove He is here.

And some days there are those pesky
spiders stringing their webs in
those beautiful flowers.

But, at least they are harmless ~
just look scary.
This beautiful blossom is just
waiting for a bee to come and
collect their pollen.
It's just such a pretty sight.

Makes going to the store not such a
bad deal after all.

I did get some stitching done and finally
got the card done and a surprise for
my exchange partner.
I will send her squares off tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.
You are the best!

God Bless ~