Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cancer Square

I finished this second square for the Relay for Life Cancer Quilt.

I have to take it to Donna who organized the Cancer Quilt
and is anxious to get the finished piece.

I have had a sick cat, a root canal and I had to
put my Mom in a nursing home temporally cause she
hurt her knee.

Then Sunday I got sick and am running a fever went
to the Dr. today and it snowed.

The snow was great but I can't even build a
snowman cause I can't go outside.

Big Bummer!!!

It has not snowed for years and I have
to stay inside.

Thanks for looking.
God Bless ~

Friday, February 19, 2010

A Cat, Root Canal, Reindeer Games and a Pear Tree !!!

This is Knee-Hi the cat!

She is called this because she has
white hair that comes up to her knees.

Do cat's have knees?

Oh well, she has been sick with Horners'
Syndrome. At first we thought it was an upper
respiratory infection. So the Dr. treated
her for that. When her third eyelid
came up and covered one forth of her
eye I knew something was wrong.
I took her back to the Vet and he
confirmed it was Horners' Syndrome.
So . . . they have to put her under and
clean out her ears and inject medicine
into the ear cavity give her more medicine
and hope for the best.

Well, the best wasn't meant to be.

I had to take her back and her ear drum is
all healed, she had blown it out with the
pressure of the infection, so that is great.
But. . . she has to take another bottle of
liquid medicine about three weeks and we
will again hope for the best.
To date . . . I have already spent over $ 1000.00
and counting. Could you put a cat to sleep
cause she has an ear infection?

Sorry, but I can't!

MY cruel boss said I should just hit
her over the head
and be done with it.
Or, better yet
he will do it for me.

Compassion ~ NONE!!!

Could you do this to this sweet face?

But . . . sweet face or not this cat KNOWS when
I am ready to give her the medicine.
Don't think for one minute cats are not
Mine is very smart.

I have tried everything I can think of
to trick her
and finally I just have to grab her by the scruff
of the neck and pull her head back
and when she opens her mouth,
squirt it in and make her swallow it.

Not easy but I am doing it!

Hopefully she will be well when we get
through with this batch of medicine.

Boy the money I could have spent on
Cross Stitch!!!

Say a prayer!

What a sweet face!

Reindeer Games ~
I got another one of these done for
my twin brother and his new wife.
They came down from Tulsa two weeks after
Christmas. I got it finished
even though I was having trouble
with my back tooth on the right side.
Went to the dentist and he had to do
a Root Canal!!!

Ugh ~ it turned out to be a nightmare.

Had to go back and have him
shave off a smidgen of tooth so
my top tooth would not touch it
while it healed.

Then . . . when he finally finished it up
the next day, Tuesday, he discovered
that some moisture had leaked out of my
tooth into the root cavity.
It caused pressure to build up and cause
the pain I was feeling over the weekend when
no self respecting dentist is around to help.

It was excruciating ~~ I'd rather have a baby!

I could not even stitch!

All that time on my hands
and I can't EVEN stitch!!!

What a huge bummer!!!

Of course, why would anything to do
with my mouth be easy?

He is a wonderful man, does not hurt you
and does a complete job. I now am the
proud owner of one finished root canal.


Next I get my post cause my tooth is gone
and looks like a tooth aircraft carrier.
Then it is the crown.

Boy, the money I could have spent on cross stitch!

Let's talk!

It's Official . . . I really don't like the Pear Tree!
I had done all but one of the outside pears
and discovered it was off by one row . . .
at the Top first pear!

Thus . . . the evil frog!!!

I tore all of it out and then put it all back in.
I could not find this pattern
after taking my last pictures.
I found all the others so knew it
must be close by.
Voila ~ I found it and just wanted to get it
Not to be, however ~
It is still looking like this after two weeks.
I will get back to it after I finish the
cancer quilt square I am doing.
As usual thanks for looking your comments
help motivate me to finish my
stitching and I do appreciate them so much.

Take care and God Bless your stitching fingers.