Monday, June 21, 2010

Bitty Cat Ornament, Spot of Spring

Today, the mailman left this in my mailbox.

It's the exchange from Janice M. and I love it.

I was planning on doing this one because
I love the fat robins and it also
has daffodils in it and
I was born in March.


It's the start of the alphabet I will
continue to stitch until I
have them all done.

I ordered Summer and Fall tonight
and I will work on Summer as soon as it gets here.
Then I will do Fall.

Isn't it the cutest little pattern?

The tree has little flowers on it
and they are scattered all around the pattern.

I love the fat robins they are so sassy!!!

It's just Perfect all around!!!

Thanks Janice I love it!

This preview came in the mail Thursday.
I decided I would stitch the cat
with the candy cane.

I got it almost finished when I
visited a blog and the lady was
doing the same one from her preview.
I would mention her name but
I don't know if I should.

She has a solid gray cat so she made
her cat gray instead of black.

I took out the Black Coffee (black) in mine
and put in the grey (Milady's Teal) instead.

I had a tabby cat who was also grey
and so ~
I dedicate this ornament to ~

Knee ~ Hi, my sorely missed tabby.

I used Milady's Teal by CC,
it is variegated like she was.

However, it doesn't show up like
I thought it should.

I also gave her a pink nose with a
small black line in it like hers.

Thanks for dropping by and looking at my stuff
I appreciate it so much and it sure does motivate
me to do more and get better at my craft.

God Bless ~


  1. Your ornament is lovely :)

    I really like those Seasonal Squares too...will enjoy watching your summer and fall stitched up!

  2. I love how he turned out! :) Great choice by the way *giggle*...Thanks for such kind words on my blog...they mean so very much to me...

  3. Cute stitches... both received and stiched :)