Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Jade, Meow Square, and a Cat Needle magnet . . .

OK, lets start with my sweet Jade,
who is 19 years old today.
Happy Birthday Sweet Cat!
I took this
picture cause I love the difference
in the color of their noses.
The hair grows in a different direction
on their noses so it will show up.

Siamese cats are such a gorgeous
combination of colors,
all neutral,
except for their
aqua eyes.

She looks pretty good for an old lady.

This is a picture of the piece I am working on now.
It is "Meow" a square Flip It
and it is by Lizzie Kate.
She just happens to be one of my favorite

This is what it looks like now.
I just have the rest of the cat to put in.
Of course, I did have to do some
what else do I have to do?

This is what is now stitched
and I have my cat needle minder, too.

Black goes in the empty space
of the cat.
I also have the block with the
meow and paw
print inside that square to stitch.

And last but not least, this is a
copper and gold needle minder
a dear friend, Bob, gave to me.
It was ~ I am so sorry
your beloved cat, Knee ~ Hi,
died so suddenly!

He is a dear sweet friend
and knows me very well.
I will cherish it always.
He has
given me many cat items
through the years.

You, my dear friends have come by
and visited my blog and left
me comments.
Thank You so much.
I will cherish them always, too.
God Bless your stitching fingers . . .


  1. Happy Birthday to your lovely cat! Your piece is very cute!

  2. Happy birthday to such a beautiful lady! I too love the colors in Siamese cats, which would be why I have 2 of them. :)

    Your LK piece is looking wonderful and I love the little cat needle minder, very cute!