Monday, July 19, 2010

Bitty Cat Ornament, The Rooster

It is a nice summer day in Cape Town, South Africa.
My daughter takes this picture of her son, Samuel
my first Grandson.
This is what she sent from South Africa
of "me" and my Grandson.
It was titled ~
Here's Mom visiting S. A. for the World Cup!

Can't find me in the picture? Well, I would be

the "Rooster" on the table!
My kids used to
call me The Rooster, because my hair
was red! And it stuck, to this day,
even after I let my hair grow out.

The reason my Grandson, Samuel looks like that?
He is scared that Rooster
is going to peck his eyes out!

I just wondered where you could
go and there would be a rooster
and a chicken on your table.
Oh yeah,
that would be in Cape Town, S. A.

My three kids got a great laugh out of
this one.

Here's another Little, Bitty cat ornament I finished.
I used another kind of thread this time.
It's Olde Willow Stitchery ~ Overcast.
But it came out
pretty light in the photo.

I have stitched this one twice but I can't
find the other one. But when I do I will
have another ornament done.

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look. I do
appreciate any and all comments. You keep me
going at a hobby I dearly love.
God Bless ~


  1. This is really beautiful!! But don't you feel like working on a beach scene? HAHAHAHA!!!

  2. Your grandson is too cute.

    Your stitching is beautiful!

  3. Aw! Your GS is so adorable! And your kitty design is sweet!

  4. Hey, you should have come for the World Cup! :)

  5. Cute pic! And nice finish...again. :)