Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fall Scarecrow, Pumpkins & Cat and Put on you Big Girl Panties . . .

This saying applies so much in everyday life.

It seems very hard to get through the stress
of life without it.

I loved this one so much cause her hair was fun,
the lips say it all
and her nose is soooo long.

I love her shoes, her pant suit and that chicken.

She is just a HOOT!

And to top it off she is wearing gloves.
I can't imagine!
Except for the three days of winter we have here in Waco.

Otherwise, gloves have to be out!

She was a kit that came in a cute box.
I supplied the fabric.

It was a great fabric I used to be able to get
that was technically a lenin look that was 17ct.
I loved it to pieces.
Can't get it anymore.
I had pink, peach, blue, beige and off white.
Every once in awhile I find another piece.

I forgot that I had done this Halloween
one the first of this year.

It was a freebie I got from my LNS.

I added the cute pumpkin at the bottom,
in the middle.
So . . . now I have two Halloween ones done this year.

Since I have the new Halloween book I will
probably stitch at least one more.

I used over dyed thread for the border
and DMC for all the rest.
It was stitched on a beautiful over dyed fabric from
Silk Weavers.

Happy Fall and it is coming soon.

Not so much here in Texas yet, but there are other places.

I started this one in 1997 and did about
1/2 of it and put it up.

Then I got it out and decided I would finish it.
So I did just that about April 2009!

It is done on Orange fabric with over dyed threads.
Finished off with ceramic leaves and candy corn.
It was a very fun stitch!
Thanks for coming by your comments are always welcome.
Thank You!!!
God Bless ~


  1. Hi Lenna, love your finishes. I correceted Mary Wigham, recarts available on my blog. I am doing mine in Caron Waterflowers Blueberry. I made a measuring error when I stsrted so I did the edge first to make sure everything fitted.

  2. I Just Love your finishes!!!!

    Happy Birthday to me! Remember to say a prayer or do something nice for someone else as my birthday wish for today!!!!

  3. Oh girl!! 3 adorable finishes! Love them! Congrats!

  4. Those finishes looks great. You sure have a nice collection for this upcoming season.

  5. Your finishes look awesome! Love that hair on the first one!

  6. Awesome stitching and finishes! Love that fabric with the kitty. :)

  7. I agree, Lenna - "Put your big girl panties on and deal with it" is something that should become my motto too!! She is great and those pumpkins are too cute!!