Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Welsh Red Dragon . . .

Now has three legs ~ only one more to go
and of course that tail!
There is a pair of wings in the middle, don't forget!

I worked on him last night and no FROGS
came to visit me.
I got the back leg done.

Tonight I shall start on the wings.

It is stitched with one strand of thread,
Buckeye Scarlet
and one strand of a sparkle reddish thread.

I will have to see how it looks. I may just stitch
it in the sparkle reddish cause it is pretty thick.

Here's hoping it works!
Say a prayer!

Thank you for looking I appreciate it.


  1. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. Yes, I am the one who went to Scotland and would dearly love to go back one day! Your dragon is perfect on this material. Great progress!
    PS - I give up - who was Fleabag??

  2. PS - My son does Fantasy Football - My DH works on computers all day; the last thing he wants to do is go online for ANYTHING.
    I've seen where a lot of people who worked around airplanes years ago when they didn't wear protection have this problem. Only with them, it's normally pretty severe. Mine's probably minor, but I'm still looking for ways to alleviate it some. Don't want it to get louder, but I'm good. I love re-reading your story of your GS - so cute.

  3. Carolyn ~
    You are so faithful you always post the sweetest comments. Thanks.
    Fleabag was my very first Siamese, best cat ever.
    Under this title ~ Best Cat Ever in June archive you will find the story about him. Please go read it, it tells you all about what a sweet cat he was. My youngest son, Tris, who was 18 months old when we got Fleabag hauled him everywhere and they were very close. I loved him dearly and have missed him every day.
    I hope you ears get well and the ringing goes away. I think yours is probably short term and will go away.
    Dad, as I called him, was around planes for about 6 years so it is no wonder that he had the problem until he died.
    Van Gooh also had the ringing and that is why he cut his ear off cause he thought the ringing would stop. Poor man.
    Take care and I will keep your ears in my prayers. Enjoy the game.
    God Bless ~

  4. The dragon looks great. Love the fabric too