Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Curly Q Ewe . . . Lady Quaker. . .

This is Lady Quaker and she goes with the
Gentleman Quaker I found that is a SAL.
I downloaded her and got this much stitched
Monday because I had to stay home
because we had no water.
Can't get ready for work without water.

The plumbers left at 4:45 and by the time
I got ready for work it would have been
time to come home.

I took a personal day!
So . . . I stitched on her!
She has Quaker blocks around her
and an alphabet. She is fun stitch!

I have been waiting for the Plantation Sampler Manor
pattern and it is out of print. Go Figure!
I ordered it Sept. 3rd and they are just getting
back to me?
Again Go Figure!!!

I was really looking forward to stitching that one.

Curly Q Ewe . . . is done this much now.
I do have all of her skirt done as of tonight.

Boy, are there a lot of stitches
in one skirt!
I will post another picture tomorrow.
Thanks for looking!
God Bless ~


  1. Great progress. Bummer about the no water but I love a good reason to stay home and stitch! Sorry about the Plantation Sampler pattern. Hopefully, you'll find it.

  2. They both look great. Hope you find your pattern!

  3. wow! You have lots of progress on Curly Q Ewe.

  4. Both of these are really, really cute!

  5. Both of your WIPs are looking great. I especially love the Quaker Girl. If you're still looking for the Plantation Sampler, please email me. The address is in my blog.

  6. Stitching looks fantastic - love the colors you chose for My Lady!

  7. Hi Leena,
    I guess I never got your e-mail address to add you as an author on the Sail Away SAL. If you want to be added, then send your e-mail to I can add you. Glad you e-mailed. How is it going?