Monday, September 7, 2009

Welsh Red Dragon . . .

I don't have a picture but I can still do a Happy Dance!!!

He is finished ~ YEA!

I have my name in it, it is dated and I have
"Welsh Dragon"
in my favorite alphabet at the bottom ~ done, too.

I will post a picture tomorrow.

Again I say YEA!!!

Thanks for stopping by ~


  1. Carolyn ~
    Thanks for stopping by. I see you stay up as late as I do. I used to sew for my daughter years ago and I would stay up until about 2 every night. It was always so quiet then. When I finally started stitching I have always done the same. Tonight I learned you don't live as long without proper rest.
    Oh well, there will be a lot of my stitching out there making all those people happy. LOL
    Take care and God Bless ~
    Now to bed.

  2. Oh no, I need my sleep!! When it gets to 10:30pm - I am dead on my feet and no use to anyone! I am doing a happy dance for you Lenna!! This was a very quick stitch!

  3. Thx for stopping by my blog! Your stitching is great and I'm sure the dragon is gorgeous,judging from the previous posts! I'll be back for sure!