Monday, September 21, 2009

TUSAL . . .

is a day late and a dollar short. But what
is new?
In this shot I have my trusty glasses
and the darling scissor fob that
Terri made for everyone doing this SAL.
It is blue and has a darling turtle on the end.
I have a pair of scissors with flowers
all over them and they look great
with the beads.
So, thank you so much Terri
the fob is gorgeous and ~

Again I say, I love it !!!

This is a close up of my jar, at the bottom.
I have papers again from The Silver Needle
which contained many neat things for my stash.
I got the Sail Away kit and Sirens of the Sea.

I saw where someone changed the
alphabet and I plan to do that too.

Is it okay to copy something you think is so neat?

I have many very cool alphabets
that I have used over the years
so I plan to incorporate them
into this Sirens of the Sea pattern.

I may also change the Sail Away kits alphabet, too.

I have threads from White Kitty,
Seaside Sweethearts (finished and framed),
Red Dragon (finished),
Celtic Cross,
Lucky Lady's Quaker,
Curly Q Ewe, and
Cape Cod Girls.
Most are just the tails and
end of threads I cut off
not too much frogging done this time..


  1. What a cute scissors fob! You lucky girl! :)

  2. Hey! You need to go to our retreats...Mar., June.,Sept. I keep forgetting you're not that far away from me!

    Couldn't respond on you email, you have a "no reply" return address...but the needles, I order from Anita in Houston, TX. But the ones you asked about are from France.

    Have a great week girl!

  3. I'm so glad you liked your little fob, Lenna! On my SA, I not only changed the alphabet but the verse as well - you probably saw that. I charted the alphabet and then tossed it - what was I thinking? However, if that's the alphabet you like, you can get it from the link I posted on the SA SAL blog. You'd just have to chart it out - but it all fits with a minor adjustment here or there, as I recall. Go for it!!!