Wednesday, September 9, 2009

He is a most fierce dragon. . .

and it's a wrap!

However, he has golden flames coming
out of his mouth, not green ones. His eye is white
not blue.

So now it is time for the


I ordered just a green frame to surround the dragon
and the beautiful red fabric.

I just hope Linda likes it. I would like to find something
Shakespeare but do they make anything like that?
I was thinking of the Shakespeare fairies
they are so beautiful and colorful.

Any suggestions?

This lady is a Shakespeare lover and helps out at the
school during the year.
Remember the fabric is red and has no blue in it at all.

I will post another picture when I have it framed next Thursday.
Just in time to take it to my Thursday Guild meeting.

Thanks for taking a look at him I do appreciate it so much.

God Bless ~


  1. Lenna - he is one handsome dragon on that fabric. Nice work!
    I think Shakespeare's Fairies is a lovely idea.

  2. Hi Lenna , Mirabilia I think have just released Shakespeare fairies chart , but it has lots of embellishments too. HTH :D

  3. I love the dragon! It's my ancestry, too, and the Welsh in me wholeheartedly approves.... And I know Linda will, too....

    Maybe you can find something from the Titania/Oberon scene in Midsummer (their first meeting in the play). There are fairies galore in that one!