Sunday, July 3, 2011

July Angel . . .

Happy Independence Day!!!

This is the Angel I did in 2000 for the 4th of July!

Isn't she the cutest little one?
I had to get my magnifying glass out to see
what date I stitched her.

I always put my name and date, in
thread, the same color as the background
fabric and it makes it very Hard to see,
much less read!!!

I had red hair at the time so I actually
coached down some other
threads that were not for stitching,
I had acquired from a friend for her hair!!!

She was such a HOOT to stitch. I had so
much fun doing her. The little buttons
for the basket, bee, bird and
came with the pattern
and it just makes it come together perfectly.

I used the threads that were called
for and put them down on my favorite
fabric in a 28 count.

They don't make
the fabric anymore so I bought 2 yards
from Hobby Lobby
before it was all gone.

It's a good thing cause I can't, for the life
of me, remember the name of the fabric.

If I had known I would live this long I would
have bought another 3 yards.

I have done several angels in the past, a Christmas
One, Noah's Ark, an Autumn One and a Halloween One.
The Halloween One is ~ Willa's Broomstick Co.
Made with a Zing!!!
I will have to take a picture, cause I had
forgotten how darlin' she is!!!

That will be my next post tomorrow
night. I am on vacation this week
so I have nothing but time.

I have the patterns for about a gazillion more so
maybe someday I will work on them again.

So many stitching's and so little time.

It's hard when you don't have the time and you work.
Time flies so fast. One day it is Monday and
the next day it is Friday.
I also make cards and I am working on my son's
get well cards and a special person
who missed a lot of holidays.

Guess I had better close for now. I will leave you with this
thought ~

How sad would it be if our Fore
Fathers had not fought so hard for the privileges
we have as Americans to be FREE???

How sad would it be if the next generations
had not cared that we were free
and kept
that privilege of Freedom for us to enjoy???

How sad if all those sacrifices would have been
in vain???

Let's not forget this year and
every year from now on just how
very Precious
that Privilege is to us all!!!

And how many made it possible for us
to enjoy!!!

God Bless America
It Is the Best Place To Be on This Earth!!!

Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the comments
if you could leave one.

God Bless your stitching fingers . . .
Take care ~

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