Monday, December 7, 2009

Reindeer Games

came in the mail Saturday. YEA!!!

This by far is the cutest ornament
I have ever seen.
I have been waiting for this to get here
so I can begin stitching them!

The pattern is so easy to follow
and the threads are just

Thank you Tracy it is brilliant!!!

I now have three finished.

Tomorrow is the annual EGA
Christmas party and ornament exchange!

I am finishing my ornament tonight.

We all go out to dinner and then we get down
to business.

We choose / fight over the ornaments and
after one has been chosen three times
the person holding it gets to keep it.

This is the one I am taking.
It is backed
in the reindeer fabric.
It has white reindeer, black Christmas trees
and it is on a red background!

Rudolph has a red nose which is a seed bead.

When you find him you can find
the rest of the reindeer heads.

It is so cute and I love it.

I will put a red
ribbon around the outside
and it will have a red hanger.

I will post a final picture tomorrow.

I am looking forward to the dinner and fellowship with my stitching
friends so . . .

Let the games begin . . .

Thanks for coming by and looking I appreciate it so much!
God Bless ~


  1. That IS beautiful fabric! Your ornament is going to be beautiful! Can't wait to see the final picture - enjoy your party!

  2. That is a beautiful little ornament. Tracy always designs the neatest stuff. I LOVE your reindeer fabric. Where did you buy it? I would like to get my hands on a piece of it.

  3. Kathy A ~
    I got it at Hobby Lobby and If they don't have any let me know and I will get you a piece. I bought a yard yesterday and I have a small piece from the ornament making that I did. There is plenty left at the store.
    I went to my party and my ornament was picked first by a good friend, Brenda, sitting next to me and she had it taken from her. The girl on the other side got it in the end. She was thrilled and so was I. Now I am going to make Brenda one for Christmas, I hope.
    Good luck finding the fabric. Let me know if you can't I don't mind getting you some.
    God Bless ~

  4. Hi Leena,
    Thank you for leaving such a wonderful comment on my Blog. I really appreciate it.
    I've come over to visit your Blog but was very disappointed to see that you 'borrowed' one of my pictures without asking me or giving me credit for it. I don't mind if certain ones are used but I would at least like recognition or approval before someone goes ahead and does this.