Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Cute Cat and a start ~

This one my sister, Debbie stitched for a friend.
I have to put a star on top of the
Christmas tree and then
I can finish framing it.

The acid free board showed
underneath the fabric so
I put gold lame and now it sparkles.

It is from the JCS ornament book and it is done on
a red fabric from Crossed Wing Collection.
Her friend loves cat so she will love it.

I started Holy Night. I first did the A on
32ct. Lambswool but it was too hard
to see cause the skinny threads
that are in linen sometimes
are very skinny.

I changed to 28 ct. and had it stitched
in no time cause I could see it.

This is for the 2010 Christmas SAL
and we all hope to have a Christmas
piece done by next Christmas.

I am also going to begin the Nativity
cross stitch and get it done by Christmas.
I chose a dark fabric from Enchanted Lair
and I just hope it isn't too dark to see.
It should finally be here this week.
Fingers crossed!

That is all for now thanks for coming by.
Your comments are greatly appreciated
to help keep me motivated to keep
on stitching!

God Bless ~


  1. Good progress . I know what you mean by the 'skinny threads' ' It makes it so easy to miss count.

    Keep up the good work

    Happy stitching to you.