Thursday, March 25, 2010

Knee ~ Hi

Could Knee ~ Hi
have known what was in store
for her or did she just

Today the vet put in a feeding tube.
All of her pretty hair was shaved
off around her neck.
She sports a white bandage that
keeps the tube in place.

Tonight I fed her for the first time.
I used a feeding tube
for the very first time.
It works so
nicely and so far so good.

She did great, and has not even tried to throw up!


It will be so nice to go to sleep and know
she got fed today.
She even managed to pee.

Things are finally looking up.
The vet is
SURE that the tumor has shrunk that is in
her nose, too.

She did not have any chemo this week but come
Tuesday, if she is feeling OK. we will do that
That will be two weeks of killing
that evil tumor.

Your prayers are still needed for my furbaby.
I do thank you so much
for all your kind thoughts and heartfelt prayers.

Your thoughts have gotten me through
this week ~ except for the 23rd. and
Nothing could have helped me that day!!!

Knee ~ Hi sends you lots of cat licks
and sweet kisses.

Take care all and God Bless you
and keep you safe from harm.

Happy stitching!!!


  1. I am sending good wishes and prayers for Knee Hi and of course for you...may you both get through this time and come out the other end with big smile on your faces, these prayers come all the way from Australia and they are good strong ones....xoxo

  2. Aren't we blessed that there are meds to help combat the ills of our days?! Still prayin'.

  3. Good luck to Knee Hi, my Verne the cat sends hugs and kisses and wishes you a full recovery.
    We pray for you Lenna be strong.
    Hugs and kisses Knee Hi.

    Catherine and Verne the cat.

  4. This is my first visit to your blog and my heart is aching for you. I will of course keep sweet Knee-hi in my prayers. I hope that the tube helps and the next round of chemo goes better.

  5. Poor baby - hope all continues to improve with her.

  6. I hope your kitty will feel better soon and that the treatments helps..

  7. I really hope and pray that she continues to improve and get better xxx