Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Update on Knee ~ Hi

This is what she used to look like.

Now she is just a skinny version of this picture and
she has also lost some of her white whiskers.

The vet told me not to be surprised if I woke
up one morning and she was

Just kidding!

Things on this end are not going good at all.
She is still nauseated and throws up.
She got her eating tube but tonight it is not
working. Tomorrow I am going to the vet's
office and I am not leaving until he shows me why
it will not work when it used to.
I had no trouble over the week-end.
Last night she threw up all night long.
It seems that the feeding tube is too long.
I took her back today and he checked her out
and shortened the tube so it was not
so far in her stomach.
I was encouraged but now I can't get any
food down her. If I try to force it the water
or food just squirts out the back of the tube.
I am afraid to force it cause then she tries to run.

Is God trying to tell me something and I am just
too pig headed to listen?

Or is he trying to tell me to be patient?
My gut tells me pig headed!

So back I go to the vet to get something done
for poor little Knee ~ Hi. She was supposed
to have her next treatment for the cancer
but since she has not been able to eat or drink
I guess we will have to skip it this week.


Why is this happening?
Any comments from anyone that has been there?

I appreciate all your comments and thoughts and prayers.
Please keep them coming! You are all so dear to me
and I send God's love and blessings to you all.


  1. So sorry to hear all this Lenna - hope the vet can get it all straightened out.

  2. I was up with our cancer, now heart failure, dog last night. When our fur babies are sick it occupies our minds 24/7.

    Do talk to your vet and ask..."What would YOU do if this were your cat?"

  3. My mum had to make the worst decision of her life with our childhood pet dog, she just couldn't stand to see our beloved family member suffer anymore and be in so much pain so held her in her arms as the vet put her to sleep. Mum said the only thing that got her through it was that Kim (our dog) snuggled into her and licked her just before drifting off. She still gets upset about it and Kim died 25yrs ago in May.

  4. I have to agree with Parsley and Jo and add that you have to decide what is best for your Knee-Hi! It's such a difficult decision, but is it best to prolong life and hope for a good outcome or just say a heartfelt goodbye to your loving friend. I wish you the best in the days ahead and wish the best for Knee-Hi as well.

    For me personally, I couldn't bear to see my fur-baby suffer one minute. You are so brave to try to help yours feel better!

    Kisses and Hugs to that beautiful "child" of yours.


  5. First off, thanks so much for your comment earlie-sorry i wasn't able to answer it at once...feeling sad here too and haven't had much in the mood for coming online.
    Sending good thoughts for your dear pet, i am sorry but i don't have much experience to share.

  6. I can't add anything that hasn't already been said here except to say I had to say goodbye to one of my loving dogs a couple of years ago, it was a hard decision to make but for her I had to do it, I wish you and Knee-hi all the best.